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PhoenixShay Operator Application

Post by PhoenixShay on Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:59 am

Steam Name: קђ๏єภเאรђคץ

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39007456

1. How old are you?

14 turning 15 this September. I have been told I am mature for my age.

2. How long have you been playing on the server?

2 Months or more.

3. Why do you want to be a staff member?

I want to be a staff member because sometimes there are minges on when no admins are on, such as the morning. (in my timezone) I could also respond to reports while other admins are busy.

4. What factions are you currently whitelisted for?

I have the following whitelists: City Administrator, Antlion, Bird, CWU, Headcrab, Houndeye, MPF, and OTA. I also have a anti-citizen and I am (supposed to) have conscript.

5. How well known are you on the server?

I am pretty known, I think everyone knows my Sean Rodd and Patrick Ferri characters.

6. Do other players on the server like you?

Yes, except one person. Mendelevius. ;3

7. Have you ever been banned?


8. Have you ever been kicked?


9. Have you ever been warned?

I don't believe so.

10. Why should we choose you as an operator?

You should choose me as an Operator because I am active and I have experience with Operator.

11. Have you helped anyone on the server yet?


12. Have you ever helped someone on the server? Give an example if so.

I toured people that were new to the map, and the gamemode. I told them commands to use, etc.

13. Why are you more mature than other players?

I am more mature than other players because I don't go around lolvoiding, spinning around, etc.

14. Are any of your characters important?

Yes, my two Administrators, and I think my CWU is pretty important.

15. Are you active on the server?


16. Will you be able to be active a lot?


17. What do you do in this situation:

Two players are arguing in OOC, one is angry because the other stole his ration before he could get a chance to pick it up. You have no clue where the players are at the moment.

I would teleport to them and tell them to stop arguing first of all, then ask if the player that stole the ration /me'd it, etc. If he did, I would say it's allowed. If he didn't /me stealing it, I would tell him to give the ration back, and if not I would use the admin search command or ask a superior to do it for me, then give the ration back.

18. What do you do in this situation:

A citizen is mingepunching a civil protection officer, he isn't listening to what they explain to him in LOOC, and he continues.

I would warn the minge to stop punching the officer, and if he does not, I would kick him.

19. A citizen sneaks up on a unit while they were preoccupied, and hit the unit on the head with some sort of object. The unit is upset because the citizen did not roll. Who is right, and why?

It depends first on if the citizen and the unit agreed on rolling or play to lose. If it was rolling, then the Unit would be right. If it was decided to play to lose, then the Citizen would be right. If they never decided it, I would ask them if they can void it completely.

20. A group of citizen attacks an overwatch unit with no weapons whatsoever. The overwatch unit overpowers them and amputates all of them on the spot. The citizens are upset that they didn't have a chance to win, or that the overwatch unit didn't play to loose. Who is in the right and why?

The Overwatch unit is right, because no citizen in their right mind RPly would go up to an OTA unit and start punching them. The Citizens would be warned for mingepunching.

21. A citizen climbs into the City Administrator's mail cute with the help of another citizen. They're both a bit bored, and feel like messing around. What do you do?

I tell them that doing that is FailRP, and promptly teleport them back to where they where before they jumped in.

22. What can you offer to our community?

I currently have the Citizen Jumpsuits addon, the content pack, and the death screen on workshop for Sheeplie.

23. Do you tend to mess around a lot in LOOC chat? This includes but is not limited to the following:

I don't try to mess around in LOOC, and I don't usually lolvoid or scream in caps.

24. Do you tend to do crazy things, and then void them right after?


25. Do you get upset if you do not get your way?


26. Will you get angry if you do something wrong, and a higher staff member corrects you?


27. Why do you like the server? Why is it unique to you?

I like the server because it has a good rebel system, that you cannot find the rebels, the rebels will find you. The server also has interesting MPF ranks and an interesting "tier" system.

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