Overwatch Transhuman Arm Application Format

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Overwatch Transhuman Arm Application Format

Post by Sheeplie on Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:29 pm

When you get accepted, send the link of the application to a staff member.

Application Status: OPEN

Application Guidelines:

• You need to understand how proper roleplaying works.

• You need to have read the Division Ranking Guide. You may think you know it, but we don't do it the way other servers do.

• You need to understand how to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You must also fluently know the English language.

• You need to effectively know how to use the "/me" command.

• You are a unit, not a rebel. Don't go rouge, period.

• Do not abuse your faction.

• You must have received breach training on your MPF character.

• You may only play as your Overwatch Transhuman Arm character during a Judgement Waiver. Accessing your character when there is not an active waiver will result in a warning, and a white-list removal if continued.

• You are required to have a Metropolice Force character.

• You are mostly a mechanical, computer based life form. You have no emotions, or self-actions besides basic protocol. You must follow orders, and you cannot disobey them, or become rogue.

• You must speak in Overwatch format. Here are some examples:



Steam Name:

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID:

1. How long have you been on the server?

2. Do you know how to properly roleplay?

3. Why do you want to be an Overwatch Transhuman Arm?

4. Have you read all of the application guidelines?

5. What have you learned from the application guidelines?

6. What do you do in this situation. A judgement waiver is called, and your fellow Overwatch units are heading to the slums, just like ordered. You, however, happen to still be in the plaza.

7. Do you understand that you are mostly mechanical and must follow orders, and cannot make decisions or have passive conversations with other players?

8. Give an example of how to properly speak as an Overwatch Transhuman Arm.

9. Have you received breach training on your MPF character?

10. Give an example on how to breach using OTA dialect and proper commands.

11. What are your Metropolice Force digits?

12. How active are you as a community member in general?

13. Do you plan to be a loyal player, and come back to the server often?

14. Do you plan to flag up often when a Judgement Waiver is in effect?


Status (Loyalist, Civil Worker's Union, or Citizen?):
Loyalist Points:

Mother's Full Name:

Father's Full Name:

Previous locations of residence before city seventeen:

Character Backstory:
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