Cremator Application Format

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Cremator Application Format

Post by Sheeplie on Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:58 pm

When you get accepted, send the link of the application to an admin.

Application Status: CLOSED

Application Guidelines:

- You MUST have a Metropolice Force character.

- You need to know how to properly roleplay.

- If you find yourself in a disagreement, Do NOT get into an argument.. Contact a staff member immediately. If there are not any available, quickly leave the server, or continue RP elsewhere, and contact one via Steam.

- You have little conscience, you don't make complex or emotional thoughts for yourself. You are simply an animal-like creature that knows its job.

- You cannot speak, only moan.

- You need to effectively know how to use the /me command.

- You are still part of the Union, you must follow orders from all units, and assist where needed.

- Do not abuse your faction.

- You cannot attack players unless attacked first.

- You must use long, well thought out answers for your applications. The grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure must be perfect, or near perfect.


Steam Name:

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID:

1. How long have you been on the server?

2. Do you know how to properly roleplay?

3. Why do you want to play as a Cremator?

4. Have you read all of the application guidelines?

5. What have you learned from the application guidelines?

6. Do you understand not to argue with other players?

7. What should you do if you find yourself in a disagreement with other players?

8. Why should we accept your application?

9. Can you passive roleplay, in detail?

10. Do you have a basic knowledge and understanding of Half-Life 2 lore?

11. How active are you on the server?

12. Do you plan on being a loyal player?

13. Give an example of how to roleplay as a cremator, using the /me command.

14. What are your Metropolice Force Digits? (You are required to have a MPF character.)


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