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[Guide] Metropolice Force

Post by Sheeplie on Sat Mar 22, 2014 3:32 pm

<:: Metropolice Force Guide ::>
<:: Loading Datapad Field Manual ::>
<:: Complete. Opening Field Manual ::>
<:: Field Manual Accessed ::>


10-1 - Not Understood
10-2 - Understood
10-3 - Stop Transmitting
10-4 - OK
10-5 - Relay Message To
10-6 - Busy
10-7 - Officer Off Duty
10-8 - Officer On Duty
10-9 - Repeat Previous Transmission
10-16 - Transport Prisoner
10-18 - As Soon As Possible
10-19 - Return To Nexus
10-20 - Current Location
10-22 - Ignore Last Transmission
10-23 - Stand By / Standing By
10-24 - All Units Return to Nexus
10-29 - Confirm Identity
10-33 - Maintain Radio Silence Unless Urgent
10-50 - Patrol / Patrolling at
10-51 - Clamp / Clamping at
10-54 - Retreat
10-78 - Send Medical Assistance
10-79 - Send Overwatch
10-93 - Good work
10-91d - Citizen
10-103 - Disturbance
10-103m - Disturbance by Mentally Unfit
10-103p - Disturbance by Physically Unfit
10-103s - Disturbance by Suspicious Persons
10-106 - Obscenity
10-107m - Minor Suspicious Person
10-107M - Major Suspicious Person
10-99 - Officer Down
10-112 – Impersonating an officer
11-7 - Send Stalker Unit To
11-15 - Gathering In Street
11-16 - Fight
11-17 - Riot
11-18 - Physical Accident
11-19 - Begging
11-21 - Robbery
11-22a - Light Contraband
11-22b - Heavy Contraband
11-25 - Contraband Distribution
11-33E - Exogen Breach
11-33N - Necrotic Breach
11-41 - Request Medical Help At
11-45 - Attempted suicide
11-47 - Injured Citizen
11-48 - Assault On Citizen
11-48b - Assault On Officer
11-49 - Shooting
11-70 - Fire
11-71 - Explosion / Bomb
11-99 - Officer Needs Help (Not to be confused with 10-99; use 10-99 to signify death or immobility.)
12-00 - Engage Singularity Collapse
12-00d - Disengage Singularity Collapse
12-10 - Request SKYSHIELD
12-345A - Requesting amputation permission for...

647A: Armed Citizen
647E: Anti-Citizen

EXOGEN: Antlion
PARASITE: Headcrab
TRIPED: Houndeye


Vortex Roleplay uses an advanced viewdata plugin that makes citizen data entry
different to that of most servers. You may not be used to the
advanced viewdata plugin. Never fear, we've got you covered with this
easy-to-follow instructional video.


<:: The rankings of Civil Protection. ::>

First, you start off as a recruit. You go through basic training, which is usually easy.

After being a recruit, you will get promoted, and be able to choose your division.

MPF Ranking goes backwards, in a sense. You start out at 05, being the lowest rank, and then move up from 04, 03, 02, and then to 01.
After 01, you will get promoted to the next tier of your division.


Patrol, and elite patrol division.

Science and Engineering Division
(Vice 05 gains access to a combine APC)

Medical Division

Stealth Division

Court > Jury > Tribute > Judge
Amputation, interrogation, and sentencing division.

At the third tier of any division, you may become a SAVAGE unit. They are responsible for the regular training of both new and existing units. There are no tiers or ranks once you reach this division.

This division specializes in life forms. This can include BIOTICs, parasite research, working with hunters, etc.

How does division advancement work?

Here is an example, of how the division advancement of an APEX unit.

(The unit begins.)


(The unit chooses APEX as its division)


(After Apex 01, the unit can choose to become the Apex OfC, to which the only higher rank is CmD, or continue to Vice.)


(After Vice 01, the unit can choose to become the Vice OfC, to which the only higher rank is CmD, or continue to Grid.)


(After Grid 01, the unit can choose to become the Grid OfC, to which the only higher rank is CmD, or continue to Orion.)


(Orion is the last division, so at this point you can only move up to ORION OfC, then CmD, and then, since this is the last tier of Orion, after CmD you can rank up to DvL. There are only one OfC, CmD, per tier. And only one DVL per fourth tier. So the position you want may be taken.

OfC? CmD? DvL?

At the end of each tier, you can choose to rank up to OfC, or advance to the next tier.
After OfC, you rank up to CmD at that tier.
On fourth tiers only, there is a rank after CmD, known as DvL. These Divisional Leaders lead the entire division.
Once you become an OfC, or CmD, if you'd like to continue and advance to the next tier you must step down to :02 of that tier.

Here is an example of how CmD and OfC would work, we're not going to use tiers for this example.

If you want to stay in Apex, it is Apex OfC > CmD.

If you want to stay in Vice, it's Vice OfC>CmD.

If you want to stay in Grid, it's Grid OfC>CmD.

Since ORION is the fourth tier, you may go Orion OfC>CmD>DvL.

This is the same with all fourth tiers.

<:: RULES ::>

So, you'd like to apply for the Metro Police Force? Well, keep in mind that it is NOT an easy job. Knowledge of protocol and Half-Life lore is very necessary, and required a lot of patience to learn. If you do not have the time, effort, or patience to put into the job, please consider applying for a different faction. We have a large selection of other playable classes that do not take nearly all of the time to learn, and are much easier.

• There is a good change that you have feelings. Don't go marching around screaming at citizens to isolate and abusing the "Haha" command at every citizen death and beating. Doing this often will result in whitelist removal.

• When applying, you MUST use our application format, and you also need to use good grammar. Doing "your own format" or "a better format" will result in automatic denial.

• Do not mess around OOCly. This includes shooting at other units, or being a minge in general. Doing this will result in INSTANT whitelist removal.

• When you advance higher in the ranks, brainwashing is completely optional. The only benefit is that it will gain you a slight speed increase in promotions. You will lose most of your character development, so be sure to think about it carefully from your characters perspective before you do it. Brainwashing is only required for very high ranks such as Divisional Leader, Sector, etc.

• When you are in a fight, try to play to lose, and take a few hits on purpose. Kevlar does not make you invincible. If there is really a confusing situation, DO NOT ARGUE OR COMPLAIN. Contact any staff member, and it will be solved.

• Following up on this, DO NOT ARGUE WITH ANOTHER PLAYER. Try to take one for the team, and come to a peaceful solution if there is a disagreement. If you REALLY think that you are right, contact a staff member.

• DO NOT plagiarize or steal from other's applications. We aren't stupid, and save every application. We will know.

• Once you submit your application, DO NOT ASK an admin to review it. We don't abandon the forums, and all applications will be reviewed.

• When you're accepted, let an admin know via In-Game PM or Steam message. Do not continually point out in OOC that you were accepted.

• When your new character is created, you may private message an admin and ask for a total of three custom digits.

• Try to find passive roleplay instead of actively seeking out action roleplay. Asking someone if they would like to roleplay with you is NOT metagame.

• If you are in a situation that involves a minge, call a staff member. Do not take the situation into your own hands.

• If you are in a situation that involves an inexperienced roleplayer, apttemt to kindly advise them of protocol or mistakes they make. If they become aggressive, back away and notify a staff member via @ chat.

• During training, do not spam in LOOC or joke around and void things. Doing this often will result in a player-kill and whitelist removal.

• Failure to follow proper protocol whilst under the command of the Union will result in you being viewed as imperfect, resulting in decommission and removal of whitelist. Do your best to follow protocol, and if you have a question; you ask a high-ranking unit or one of your fellow colleagues. Saying “Oh, I didn't know,” is not acceptable. It is completely your fault for not inquiring about protocol. Furthermore, stating that it was not discussed in training or is not listed anywhere is also not acceptable. There's a large boundary between genuine obliviousness and lacking common sense. Always ask.

• Do not attack with your stunstick unless you attempt (use /me) for every swing. Disregard for this will result in a warning and a requirement to re-do the scenario. Further disregard will result in a week-long ban. The only exception for this is under the running rule.

• You need to follow the command of your peers, do not disrespect them.

• If a citizen runs from you, they must /me it. If they are tied, then they may not run.

• If you are to find any sort of weaponry in the field, you are to destroy it immediately or turn it in to a high-ranking unit so that they may destroy it.

<:: Failure to comply will result in blackmarks, decommission, or off-world relocation. ::>


Sometimes, mishaps will occur in the city. These are inevitable, and you'll need to know what to do in the event that they come around. When a Judgement Waiver needs to be activated, you'll need authorization. Only Units Tier 2 and Above can Authorize Judgement Waivers.

When to Authorize a Judgement Waiver.
• A Metropolice Unit or City Administrator is murdered by a rogue unit or anti-citizen.
• An anti-citizen fires a weapon anywhere within the city.
• A large creature, or mass amounts of smaller creatures, breach and invade the city perimeters. (Ex: Antlion Attack.)
• A CONFIRMED Anti-Citizen is spotted anywhere within the city perimeters. (You need actual evidence, do not metagame.)
• An uprising, or other form of rebel propaganda takes place. (Ex: Riots, Resistance Broadcasting.)
• An individual of any kind is taken hostage.

When NOT to Authorize a Judgement Waiver.
In cases like this, Metropolice should simply investigate and/or handle the situation.

• A Citizen, or Civil Worker's Union Member is murdered without being killed by firearms.
• Unarmed Anti-Citizens are sighted or reported.
• A Metropolice Unit is assaulted WITHOUT a firearm.

INSTRUCTIONS: In the event of a Judgement Waiver, units will issue all citizens into the official Union Civil Housing block, located near the plaza. At this time, nobody, not even units, are allowed to step outside. They must either maintain the citizens in the U.C.H, or enter the Nexus. Not following this protocol will result in an instant whitelist removal. Meanwhile, Overwatch will be moving out into areas of the city that units are not authorized to enter. Do not interact with Overwatch units. Let them do their thing. You are required to stay indoors.


Some districts you're allowed into as a unit. For others, that's not the case.
Districts 1-5 include the Plaza, Outer Plaza, Trainstation, Backstreets, and essentially the rest of the accessible city.

District 1-5: Allowed.
District Six / Construction Zone: Never Allowed.
District Seven / Shell Beach: Only allowed when it's opened for citizens.
Grizzly Grotto: Only Allowed when responding to calls.


• Blackmarks are way the units are punished. For each blackmark you receive a * at the beginning of your name. For each blackmark you receive, you are punished. Depending on how many blackmarks you have, the punishments can vary from beatings, extra work, cleaning, or general disgust from other units. Blackmarks, and their punishments, are as followed.

One Blackmark
A warning, consider yourself lucky.

Two Blackmarks [**]
A light beating with another warning.

Three Blackmarks [***]
A heavy beating, three cycles in detainment (15 minutes) and a third and final warning.

Four Blackmarks [*** | *]
A heavy beating, four cycles in detainment (20 minutes) and you are demoted one rank.

Five Blackmarks [*** | **]
A heavy beating, five cycles in detainment (25 minutes) and you are demoted two more times.

Six Blackmarks [*** | ***]
Amputation and whitelist removal.


You may only checkout certain weapons at certain ranks, not following this will result in a blackmark.

All weapons are to be obtained from the Armory Overseer.
Units found carrying non-ID locked weapons will be given a blackmark.
Recruits spawn with a standard pistol, but they are not to use it until the rank of 04.
Furthermore, turning in that pistol to the Armory Overseer is not required, but recommended, and will
earn you respect from your peers.

Tier One

04+ (Tier One)
- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol

02+ (Tier One)
- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol
- MP7 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun

Tier Two

05+ (Tier Two)
- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol
- MP7 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun
- M67 Advanced Smoke Grenade

03+ (Tier Two)
- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol
- MP7 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun
- M67 Advanced Smoke Grenade
- C89 Flash Grenade

01+ (Tier Two)
- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol
- MP7 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun
- M67 Advanced Smoke Grenade
- M54 Tactical Frag Grenade
- C89 Flash Grenade
- Combat Shotgun

Tier Three

05+ (Tier Three)
- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol
- MP7 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun
- M67 Advanced Smoke Grenade
- M54 Tactical Frag Grenade
- C89 Flash Grenade
- Access to all Sub-Machine Guns
- .357 Magnum Revolver
- Combat Shotgun

Tier Four

05+ (Tier Four)
- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol
- MP7 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun
- M67 Advanced Smoke Grenade
- M54 Tactical Frag Grenade
- C89 Flash Grenade
- Access to all Sub-Machine Guns
- .357 Magnum Revolver
- Grappling Hook Checkout (When Authorized)
- Combat Shotgun

01+ (Tier Four)

- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol
- MP7 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun
- M67 Advanced Smoke Grenade
- M54 Tactical Frag Grenade
- C89 Flash Grenade
- Access to all Sub-Machine Guns
- .357 Magnum Revolver
- Combat Shotgun

Divisional Leader
- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol
- MP7 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun
- M67 Advanced Smoke Grenade
- M54 Tactical Frag Grenade
- C89 Flash Grenade
- Access to all Sub-Machine Guns
- .357 Magnum Revolver
- Combat Shotgun
- Overwatch Pulse Rifle


The Team Leader is determined by the highest ranking unit participating in the breach.


How To: Properly Detain A Citizen

1. Spot the criminal, and move to their position.
2. Order them to face the nearest wall. - If they do not comply, you may call in backup and / or use your stunstick.
3. Tie them. - IMPORTANT: Make sure that you ask them via LOOC or /me whether or not they resist.
4. Make them apply, and scan their citizen data using /viewdata. Be sure to /me it.
5. If they are an anti-citizen, call in for backup. If not, continue on to step 6.
6. Decide what kind of punishment is to be received based on the crime. Ex: Re-education, (x) cycles, amputation, etc.
7. If they are to be detained, bring them into a cell and stay with them for the duration of their detainment period.
8. Once their detainment period is over, order them to face a cell wall.
9. Knock the citizen unconscious using your stunstick.
10. Drag their body to a remote area within the city perimeters, and set them free. Wait for them to regain consciousness, and then untie them. Congratulations, you have successfully completed the detainment process.


- Do NOT say "Suspect, Prepare to receive civil judgment!" unless the punishment is re-education. Doing this will result in an instant blackmark.

- You must stay with the citizen for the duration of their detainment cycle (s), not doing this will result in two blackmarks.

- Do not say, "Haha." when you have knocked a citizen out. It makes you look like some minge kid, trying to win a video game.


How to decide on punishments:

Level One Crime
Punished with re-education.

Uncivil behavior. (Running, jumping, etc.)
Audio Violation (Shouting, cursing.)
Fist fighting or attacking another citizen.
Throwing objects, trash talking, any basic uncivil behavior.

Issue no penalty points.
If continued after warning, issue 1-2 penalty points.

Level Two Crime
Punished with one cycle in detainment.

Possession of a minor contraband item.
(Non Union-approved food, clothing, literature, etc.)
Attacking a loyalist or Civil Worker's Union member.
Failure to comply with orders given to them by the metropolice.

Issue with 2-4 Penalty Points

Level Three Crime
Punished with 2-3 cycles in detainment.

Possession of a moderate contraband item.
(Basic weapons, resistance gear, radio's, etc.)
Threatening the life of another human being.
( This can include citizens, CWU members, units, OTAs, etc.)
Stealing another citizens rations.

Issue 4-6 penalty points.

Level Four Crime
Punished with 4-5 cycles in detainment, several beatings, and an amputation trial from a COURT unit if available.

Threatening the life of a City Administrator or high commanding officer.
Holding individuals hostage.
Rioting, rebelling, or any form of uprising.
Unauthorized Procreative Activity (Having Sex)

Issue 6-12 penalty points/

Level Five Crime
Punished with amputation.

Murdering another individual.
Possession of a major contraband item.
(Heavy weapons, RPGs, explosives, terrorist-related items.)
Breaking into the overwatch nexus.
Attacking the City Administrator.
Attacking any Metropolice Unit.
Leading a mass resistance / rebellion group; or causing a revolution.
Being a 10-103m / mentally unfit being.

Issue 10-24 Penalty Points


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Re: [Guide] Metropolice Force

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You forgot to put "See union's description" under stinger and alpha.
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