The_Wheatly's Application [ACCEPTED]

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The_Wheatly's Application [ACCEPTED]

Post by The_Wheatly on Fri Apr 18, 2014 9:50 pm


Steam Name: The_Wheatly

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:47169558

1. How old are you?
I am currently twenty years of age.

2. How long have you been playing on the server?
I have been playing for over a month. Possibly two.

3. Why do you want to be a staff member?
I want to be able to help this role-playing community. I have seen a huge increase of minging players and I would like to help out.

4. What factions are you currently whitelisted for?
Antlion, Bird, Citizen, Civil Protection: Off Duty, Civil Worker's Union, Cremator, Enslaved Vortigaunt, Headcrab, Houndeye, Metro-police Force, Overwatch Transhuman Arm, Vortigaunt.

5. How well known are you on the server?
I believe that I am well known among citizens and units alike.

6. Do other players on the server like you?
On this I am not entirely sure. If I were to guess I would think that some of the players that are active like me and some of the players do not.

7. Have you ever been banned?
No, I have never been banned.

8. Have you ever been kicked?
I do not believe so.

9. Have you ever been warned?
I believe I was for something I wasn't sure about. Other then that I am not sure.

10. Why should we choose you as an operator?
I think that it would be up to you why you should but I believe that I will be able to assist the Roleplay community quite a lot me being a frequent and fair player.

11. Have you helped anyone on the server yet?
I have indeed.

12. Have you ever helped someone on the server? Give an example if so.
Players who were new to the HL2RP Gamemode and other players who play quite a lot but were not entirely sure about a certain thing.

13. Why are you more mature than other players?
I wouldn't go as far to say as I am more mature then other players but I am quite mature and even though I curse a hefty amount I try my best to keep it to a minimum.

14. Are any of your characters important?
I would think that C17.MPF.HELIX.05-258, being the first NON ADMIN Tier 3 unit, is of great importance.

15. Are you active on the server?
Yes, I believe I am one of the most active on the server.

16. Will you be able to be active a lot?
Sometimes I am busy others I am not. But overall I am ready to help players in any way I can.

17. What do you do in this situation:

Two players are arguing in OOC, one is angry because the other stole his ration before he could get a chance to pick it up. You have no clue where the players are at the moment.

1. First I would either teleport or move to their current position.
2. I would move them to the side so that the Rations are not stalled (Possibly move them to a more isolated area).
3. Ask exactly what happened if it was a minge or a proper RP theft.
(If proper RolePlay) Move them back to the rations and let them go on with theftRP
(If a minge I will sort it out by telling the minge that theft is required to use /mes and tell him to give it back.
4. Return them back to the Rations

18. What do you do in this situation:

A citizen is mingepunching a civil protection officer, he isn't listening to what they explain to him in LOOC, and he continues.
1. Teleport the player to a more Isolated location, or move them to it, either one.
2. Ask if they're new to the gamemode.
3. If so explain to them what they were doing wrong and explain more about the game mode.
4. If not a new player give them a warning.
5. Let them back into the city.
6. If minging continued it will be a kick.
7. If continued after kick further punishment will be administered.

19. A citizen sneaks up on a unit while they were preoccupied, and hit the unit on the head with some sort of object. The unit is upset because the citizen did not roll. Who is right, and why?
The citizen would be right in general.
Using logic it is rather hard to avoid being knocked out when your body and mind is unprepared for the hit.

20. A group of citizen attacks an overwatch unit with no weapons whatsoever. The overwatch unit overpowers them and amputates all of them on the spot. The citizens are upset that they didn't have a chance to win, or that the overwatch unit didn't play to loose. Who is in the right and why?
Vortex Roleplay uses S2M fighting, however OTA units are heavily augmented and guessing it was close range. It would be S2K. The OTA unit is right in general, but the confusion is obvious.

21. A citizen climbs into the City Administrator's mail cute with the help of another citizen. They're both a bit bored, and feel like messing around. What do you do?
Well seeing that fitting yourself into the chute let alone surviving the drop is impossible it would be a minge. We all know how we deal with minges. Also since it would be on such a big scale, glitching into the city administrator's office, it would be a kick. If continued further punishment will be administered.

22. What can you offer to our community?
I hate these type of questions to be honest. I believe that I can offer a player who is loyal to the community, online nearly every day and always available if a problem is able to be handled among players, and someone is rather fair and able to decide something that someone may not.

23. Do you tend to mess around a lot in LOOC chat? This includes but is not limited to the following:

I will occasionally put "XD" into LOOC with a good reason however. Other then that I will not spam LOOC unless in a conversation trying to explain something among another player.

24. Do you tend to do crazy things, and then void them right after?
Not usually I will sometime but it is a vary rare occurrence.

25. Do you get upset if you do not get your way?
No, not normally.

26. Will you get angry if you do something wrong, and a higher staff member corrects you?
No, I will thank them most likely for correcting me on something I was not aware of.

27. Why do you like the server? Why is it unique to you?
This server is one of the most Unique servers I've ever played on. It has one of the nicest communities and a very well educated one. It has many different custom factions, such as the Houndeye and off duty. I play on this server very often and rarely play anything else because this server is different every day. Seeing that it has been occurring some lag issues, that have been solved, many players, well not that many, have left. To them I say 'You made a mistake,' A little lag is no reason to leave a server and an entire community.

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Re: The_Wheatly's Application [ACCEPTED]

Post by The_Wheatly on Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:47 pm

Golden originally relocated it from the old forums. I asked if I could edit it so he deleted the one he relocated and I edited it.

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