Possible Virus in new server

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Possible Virus in new server

Post by Liltrue on Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:15 pm

uhh guys, I was looking around and found this http://gridhive.com/topic/1620-important-beware-exploits/

Read it before advancing. Thx

And could not notice but look up "!!!" And low and behold, VortexRoleplay.

Please tell me that this is a lie, I am afraid to join and don't want to get infected. I typed the new IP in the thing, and it said !!! before the servers name. I don't know if its just some joke, but I am really afraid to join.

If you don't know, theres some LUA virus going around that makes a command to get the servers password and make clients download everything the virus wants it too. It is programmed to delete itself in 10 hours, but whatever it downloads, its not good. Over 50 server have !!! in front of their name, and the virus is known to rename servers with !!! put into them. Just want to sort this out. Again, don't know if new server is supposed to have !!! in it, or im just crazy and it was not vortex at all. But I want to know if anyone else knows the truth.

EDIT: and of course, im a fucking idiot and typed it up and the server is just fine. Just wanted to know.

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Re: Possible Virus in new server

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:33 pm

*cough* virus got patched yesterday.


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