[DENIED] Metropolice Application

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[DENIED] Metropolice Application

Post by Jinxed on Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:11 pm

Steam Name:
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1. How long have you been on the server?
1 Day... But I have played on others...My computer would not let me on when i first tried to join but now with the new host it works...

2. Do you know how to properly roleplay?

Yes, I do.

3. Why do you want to join the Metropolice Force?
I would like a new RP experience.

4. Have you read all of the application guidelines?
Yes Sir/Ma'am.

5. What have you learned from the application guidelines?
You need to be a serious RP'er if you would like to be a Metropolice. Also no minging or abusing the powers given to you.

6. Did you read and study all of the Metropolice Force guides?

7. Give an example of something that you learned from a Metropolice Force Guide.
10-7 - Officer Off Duty
10-8 - Officer On Duty
10-9 - Repeat Previous Transmission
10-16 - Transport Prisoner
10-18 - As Soon As Possible

8. What do you do in this situation. You walk into the plaza, and an armed citizen is firing a weapon everywhere. Citizens are screaming, and it isn't looking good.
I would attempt to detain the citizen.

9. Explain the ten step process of properly detaining someone. It's on the guide.
1. Spot the criminal, and move to their position.
2. Order them to face the nearest wall. - If they do not comply, you may call in backup and / or use your stunstick.
3. Tie them. - IMPORTANT: Make sure that you ask them via LOOC or /me whether or not they resist.
4. Make them apply, and scan their citizen data using /viewdata. Be sure to /me it.
5. If they are an anti-citizen, call in for backup. If not, continue on to step 6.
6. Decide what kind of punishment is to be received based on the crime. Ex: Re-education, (x) cycles, amputation, etc.
7. If they are to be detained, bring them into a cell and stay with them for the duration of their detainment period.
8. Once their detainment period is over, order them to face a cell wall.
9. Knock the citizen unconscious using your stunstick.
10. Drag their body to a remove area within the city perimeters, and set them free. Wait for them to regain consciousness, and then untie them. Congratulations, you have successfully completed the detainment process.

10. Did you read the Division Ranking Guide?

11. Do you understand not to argue with other players?

12. What should you do if you find yourself in a disagreement with other players?
I would agree to disagree... If further statements were entailed after that I would ignore and get back to rp'ing.

13. Past MPF experiences?
This would be my first time being a Metropolice on a server... Also my first time applying.

14. Why should we accept your application?
You should accept my application because I will be a high contributer to the MPF.

15. Why should we accept your application over other player's applications?
I think you should accept mine over the others because I would play as often as possible... I would also be a great addition to the MPF.

16. Do you tend to complain a lot?

17. Do you have any close friends who play on the server, that could recommend you?
Yes... I know lUMINOUS in real life... He was at my house today:)

18. Can you passive roleplay, in detail?

19. Do you have a basic knowledge and understanding of Half-Life 2 lore?
Yes very much so.

20. How active are you on the server?
I play as much as I can.

21. Do you plan on being a loyal player?
Yes indeed


Name:Mya Watson
Status Resistance(Anti-Citizen)
Loyalist Points:0

Mother's Full Name:Jennifer Watson

Father's Full Name:Joe Watson

Previous locations of residence before city seventeen:South Florida... It has been a HUGE change for me...

Character Backstory:
Hi, I am Mya Watson... I grew up in the rich part of South Florida away from all the drugs and non-sense of the world... I can remember everything about it from the beaches to the palm trees to my kitchen where I would often cook for my family. My mom died from cancer at age 47... I was 16. It was really hard for me and my brother. I went to boys. My brother went to drugs. My dad, well... He went about it another way. He hung himself 4 days after my mother past. It was truly a sad day in the Watson family. This left me and my brother to live with my grandparents.Luckily they also live in South Florida. I do not remember much of her house seeing as I never was home. I ended up at Florida Atlantic University. It was nice because it was near home. Well what I had left of home. I did all my classes and then... before my graduation. The Combine invade the earth.


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Re: [DENIED] Metropolice Application

Post by Judge on Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:17 pm


Applications are closed, sorry.
Application Manager

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