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Guide to Vein

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Imagine Project Zomboid + The Walking Dead + Serious Roleplay.

Zombie apocalypse roleplay with quite a few twists.

- The main concept is that you can use it singleplayer and have just as much fun as if it had 42/42.
- Minimalist HUD: There is no immediate info on your screen except for player names.
- Clean, efficient GUI - no more browsing through five windows just to make a character
- Press F2 on other players to bring up their profile.
- Character emote system: You can change your character's expression and perform gestures with a GUI menu.
- Characters gesture when they speak - for example, hand waving, or nodding in a direction.
- Custom playermodels, made by myself. They use skins - there are 1200-1500 character combinations in 100mb of human models. ~50 heads, 24-30 outfits.

- Slow zombies, just reanimated dead. These are Romero zombies. They break down doors over timespans of a week. They can be set on fire and keep shambling towards you.
- Zombies spawn if you yell/shoot a gun/ etc.
- Using a weapon makes you unable to move, similar to how Project Zomboid does it. This makes melee fighting a last resort - missing could be fatal.
- Death is final. Once a character dies and you go back to the character selection, you can still play that character, you'll just be laying on the ground, or shambling around thanks to zombie AI. No appeals, just like a realistic zombie apocalypse. Don't pick fights you can't win.
- There are motives, such as sleep, hunger, exertion, etc.
- Motives are saved and decay with time spent ingame. They won't kill you, just make you slower and distort your view and increase your insanity level.
- Health isn't represented from 1-100; instead, you'll see Shot, Bitten, Scratched etc. with motives.
- Small damage system - bandages, splints, etc. all have function
- Insanity system
- Items have a much larger influence than other roleplay gamemodes. For example, food to decrease hunger etc.
- Crafting system that supports up to 4 items.
- Each item you carry slows you down.
- Items and melee weapons are easy to find. Firearms and firearm ammo are hard to find.
- Can trade items directly with other players, or place them in containers.
- Items have no physical presence. They're not found on the ground as with other roleplay gamemodes, but rather inside props. The reason for this is to decrease lag, missing items, and item duplication.
- Map contents are saved.
- Music system. Plays music at opportune times. Death means sad music, life means.. sad music, zombies around means action music.
- If you are bitten (or got a bad scratch) you are infected, and you die after some time.
- All dead players become zombies, if the head is intact.

Commands and Keys

F1 - Open the help menu, which shows some useful commands, credits, and donations.
F2 - Open character description, and when looking at other players, open theirs.
F3 - Inventory.
F4 - Settings, access to Toggle Third person, and access to the Create, Select, and Delete features for characters.

// : OOC
.// or [[ : Local OOC (LOOC)
/y : Yell, but be weary, it attracts zombies.
/w : Whisper
/me : Personal emote.
/it : Non-personal emote.
/pm : Private message.
@ : Request for administrator help.
/gestures : See a list of player animations.
/radio: Talk in character to another character through radio.


// Hey guys, be right back, gonna go grab a bite to eat.
.// That's funny, what you just said IC.
/y Hey! Over here!
/w Are you sure we can trust him?
/me bows
/it The rain patters loudly onto the rooftops.
/pm Valerie Hey man.
@ There is a glitch here.
/radio Valerie We're being overrun!

Looting and Using Your Inventory

Hold F3 to open your inventory.

- The more stuff you have, the slower you move. Don't carry too much stuff. (Each item has different weight.)
- Drag an item to the garbage to delete it.
- Drag an item to the crafting slots to craft with it. (Not everything will work.)
- Drag an item onto other players standing near you,  to give them the item.
- Drag an item onto a container to store it in there.

To loot a container, use E. Containers now respawn every two minutes. Pretty much anything you could loot or search in real life is lootable. (Even cars.)

Eating, Drinking, Sleeping, Getting Drunk, Getting Sick, and how they work.

Getting Hungry
After some time ingame, or after sleeping, you will be hungry. It might take a while but it will happen eventually. But once it does, you better eat something. Different food objects have a set amount of how much it will feed you. A can of beans won't feed you as much as a watermelon.

After some time ingame, running too much, using a lot of stanima, and sleeping, you might get parched, aka, thirsty. Find some soda, fruit, or water to quench your thirst.

After some time ingame, or using a lot of stanima, you might get tired. To solve this problem, find one of the sleeping bags scattered across the map, and take a nap in them. (I'll be adding deployable sleeping bags later on.) You might wake up, hungry or thirsty though, so be prepared.

Getting Drunk
For some reason, you've found alchohol, and you thought it would be a good idea to get drunk, surrounded by 500 zombies. Now you're drunk, and walking around woozily. Sleeping doesn't help, you need pure water to flush out your system.

Getting Sick
Rain is poisonous, thanks to Team-X's bomb testings. If you feel or hear the rain, get inside quickly. Once you are sick, you're pretty much done for. (I will, however, add an antibiotics item in the future, which cures sickness.) Rain doesn't make you sick instantly though, only if you stay in it for some time. Being bitten, also makes you sick, or Infected. That means, you will eventually die and turn into a zombie.

That's pretty much it. If you need help with roleplay, go look for a different guide, aside from that, Vein is pretty much play to win, the survival of the fittest. Don't forget to roleplay everything properly, however, or you might be reported and kick/banned.

I'll be constantly updating the guide as I go along.


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