Morphs Operator Application [2/3] Administrative Support. |OLD SITE RELOCATION|

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Morphs Operator Application [2/3] Administrative Support. |OLD SITE RELOCATION|

Post by Golden-Spy on Tue Mar 25, 2014 7:03 pm

APPLICATION: Operator Application

Steam Name: Morph (Teapot)

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:50164415

1. How old are you? Currently 24, turned 24 February 8th.

2. How long have you been playing on the server? ROUGHLY a month, I joined around a month ago, stopped playing. Joined back around 2 weeks later, and played for two weeks.

3. Why do you want to be a staff member? To generally help, when other staff are not on.

4. What factions are you currently whitelisted for? Vortigaunt/Enslaved Vortigaunt.

5. How well known are you on the server? I have a couple of friends here and there. I know around 7 players, most people kind of like me :p I guess you could say that anyway.

6. Do other players on the server like you? Some do, I don't know if anybody dislikes me at this point in time.

7. Have you ever been banned? I do not believe so.

8. Have you ever been kicked? I do not believe so.

9. Have you ever been warned? I do not believe so, though I think I may have been.

10. Why should we choose you as an operator? Why should you? It's up to you, the owner/co-owner whether I become. Though I have a lot of admin experience, and have learned to put up with the stress of being a member of staff.

11. Have you helped anyone on the server yet? I believe I have helped a couple of people.

12. Have you ever helped someone on the server? Give an example if so. I believe I have helped with people that didn't use grammar, by telling them to. If that counts as helping. I think I have done a couple of other things that have helped too, I can not recall.

13. Why are you more mature than other players? Nobody knows truly, how mature and immature other people are. So I cannot say. But if you were to ask me whether I was mature, I would say so.

14. Are any of your characters important? No.

15. Are you active on the server? I believe so,.

16. Will you be able to be active a lot? Yes.

17. What do you do in this situation:

Two players are arguing in OOC, one is angry because the other stole his ration before he could get a chance to pick it up. You have no clue where the players are at the moment.

I would get the report of the man that picked it up first, obviously, then I would use observer ESP to pinpoint their location, after that I make my way to the players in observer, and ask what had happened, to both players. I look at the console, to see for any /mes, and actions, then I determine whether the player is guilty or not, I would generally ask the player to drop the ration, and ask him WHY he picked the ration up, if he did not give a proper explanation I would ask him if he knows how to RP, if he said he did, I would let him free, with a warning. If not, I would teach him how to RP, if he jumped off the building while I was teaching him, I would kick him.

18. What do you do in this situation:

A citizen is mingepunching a civil protection officer, he isn't listening to what they explain to him in LOOC, and he continues.
Teleport him on top of the highest building, or an 'admin spot' as I like to call them, and ask him to explain WHY he was punching the officer, if he said he was new, I would teach him, if he said something stupid, I would ban him for a day with a fair warning (1440 minutes). If he did not respond, I would permanently ban him with permission, for not responding to an operator/admin, and failing to Roleplay, instead mingepunching, which is considered minging.

19. A citizen sneaks up on a unit while they were preoccupied, and hit the unit on the head with some sort of object. The unit is upset because the citizen did not roll. Who is right, and why? If the Citizen used P2L, then the situation would be fine. The Unit would experience some damage, since the object hit the back of his head. Though the unit is armoured and would not be injured severely, or hurt too much in any way, the suit that got hit would most likely make him feel it a bit. Having the unit been hit over the head, I would tell the unit not to be upset over this situation, and that he hasn't undergone any damage (unless a hit to the top of the spine). If this was rolled, then I would tell the unit the same, however... if the Citizen did not use P2L and rolled, I would bring the citizen onto an admin spot, and ask why he did it, if he gave an improper answer, I would leave him with a warning and/or kick him, depending on how stupid the answer. If he gave me a response that made sense, I would leave him off with a warning to not do this again without proper roleplay, after getting both players stories.

20. A group of citizen attacks an overwatch unit with no weapons whatsoever. The overwatch unit overpowers them and amputates all of them on the spot. The citizens are upset that they didn't have a chance to win, or that the overwatch unit didn't play to lose. Who is in the right and why? If the overwatch unit played fairly, then he is in the right. An overwatch unit would easily overpower a group of citizens, with its weapons, and metal enhancements, plus, the citizens did not FearRP at all. If that happened, I would warn the citizens to FearRP when attacking a damned Overwatch.

21. A citizen climbs into the City Administrator's mail cute with the help of another citizen. They're both a bit bored, and feel like messing around. What do you do? I warn them, for messing around OOCly, and most likely ticking off another player, that is standing by and watching them. I would tell them to go PassiveRP with each other, or do something creative with their RP.

22. What can you offer to our community? Another Operator with operator/admin/sa experience.

23. Do you tend to mess around a lot in LOOC chat? This includes but is not limited to the following:
"XD" "LELELELEL" "LOLVOID" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Not really, I can get caught up in an OOC chat depending on the topic though.

24. Do you tend to do crazy things, and then void them right after? It really depends on the occasion, if i'm playing with my mates, and they don't mind. I'll do it once or twice, and then get IC. If playing with a random, or not well known friend, then i'll probably just RP.

25. Do you get upset if you do not get your way? No.

26. Will you get angry if you do something wrong, and a higher staff member corrects you? It really depends on whether their correction is right or wrong. If it is right, by all means, no. If it is wrong, then still... probably not, but I would make an argument, or rather, debate.

27. Why do you like the server? Why is it unique to you? I like the server, because most the the player base are good role players, people play frequently, and the admins are generally nice. I also have 2 'good' ish friends on the server, Golden, and OktUberfest.

Thank you for reading... now I must sleep, have a nice day, and good bye. - Morph

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