What ["I"] Want to see from operators. "OPINIONATED" +Other stuff.

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What ["I"] Want to see from operators. "OPINIONATED" +Other stuff.

Post by Golden-Spy on Thu May 08, 2014 1:44 pm

I want to see maturity, no arguments, and no past arguments about anything minuscule, such as not getting your way. I don't want to see people consistently asking myself and sheep to review their applications. Finding yourself in problematic situations a-lot on the server? Well if it turns out that you are the focal point of the issue don't expect us to accept you, we will go for other applications first. If you have not been selected as of yet it would be because we are already staffed, or we do not wish to add you as staff just yet.
We do not accept staff very often so please, while making an app remember that we will not always be looking for staff right away. I will show you an example of someone I would be more inclined to discuss hiring with sheep, Dolly. He has been doing much for the server of late, he has taken on the position of Sectorial Commander, Savage, and Application manager. Had he made an application I would be more inclined to accept him, because I have seen his work ethics. Even so, you might be talking to yourself and saying "I have a fantastic work ethic" well, as you may know we will not always be able to see this work ethic. I would love to see what you can do.
If you application is just sitting there, do not worry it is not because we don't want you as an operator, as stated before we are either full on staff, or are looking into the applications and selecting other potentials. I would love to speed it up but it is like any other job you may want. Sometimes we are full on staff. I could see a reason for adding more staff however. We could use night shift staff members. They would need to be in another timezone. Where 12am for myself is 8am for them. They can hop on and manage the server at those times.

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Re: What ["I"] Want to see from operators. "OPINIONATED" +Other stuff.

Post by Guest on Thu May 08, 2014 5:05 pm

Hm. I like that.


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