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Post by Mr. Awesome on Fri May 09, 2014 12:31 am

Hello guys, I'm Mr. Awesome, and I've been in roleplaying on clockwork and openaura(or w/e) since October 2010. I play as Gavin Hyde on the server.

Mostly playing videogames, but there a couple of distinct things that I like to do. One being into ArmA 3 Realism(currently in the 15thMEU Realism Unit). Here's a picture of an Operation I participated in, had a lot of fun during it. The unit currently has 441 active members, I don't know how many are inactive or are in reserves.

Just playing other games when I feel like it, as well as roleplaying on Gmod are also gaming hobbies. Pretty simple, I mean I like to play catch and basketball outside sometimes but mostly an inside nerd.

My opinion of HL2RP in general and Vortex so far
Back then(2010-2012) I was never usually a fan of HL2RP but nowadays it has begun to grow on me. It's the kind of RP that I can strangely make characters that remind me of myself and what I want to be, and as realistic of personalities as I can considering it is pretty much still in the 21st century.

And when I looked at this server and started trying it out, well to be honest at first it was kind of boring because there was nothing to do but after a while I got myself a good RP routine to go through, and I've been able to interact with some good RPers on here as well as 'Shrek' the Houndeye that chased me and made me go into the sewers. I gotta say that was a really nice action RP(but how could it be so good with no pew pew guns!?) I've had in a while when playing on Gmod serious roleplaying. So I give brownie points on that. Even though the name of the Houndeye was humorous, it was still immersive.

Basically, I just hope to stay around here and continue to have fun like I have had the couple days I have trying out this community's HL2RP server. And I hope to make many friends here and create great memories.

If you wanna add me on steam, here's My Profile Page

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