Diary of a dead man.

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Diary of a dead man.

Post by Kookie on Wed May 14, 2014 12:13 am

(Found next to a dead body, the body has a bullet hole through the head. It doesn't seem infected. The journal itself is dirty and bloody, and some places are hard to read. The body was found in a well barricaded house.)

Entry one.

I don't even know the date anymore. I think I'll call my entries by their number now. Entry one.Today I found an old abandoned hold out, there were a bunch of bodies there. But the thing is, they looked murdered. Not infected. So it meant the hold out /was/ effective. I decided to stay. I found a safe, but I can't get it open. I found a note with half the combination on it, I just gotta guess the last number. I'll have to do that later. I saw a group of survivors walk by today. Well, run by. I wasn't able to talk to them. But here's the strange thing; they weren't running from infected. Something else was after them.

Entry two.

I got the safe open. It had tools, food, and a gun in it. The gun is broken, but I think someone with little experience could fix it. I spent most of the day scavenging nearby houses for supplies. I came up with food and clean water. Plus, I got a survival guide. Not very useful, but I did learn some stuff from it. The infected all went east today. Maybe they can communicate with each other...I don't know. Oh yeah, before I hit the hay, I met a guy today. He was in a house, he said he didn't wanna come out because of all the infected.

Entry three.

I met the guy again. Outside. We've decided to stay at my hold out, it's easier to defend. He's got supplies, and a gun. His name is Jackson. He seems like a nice guy, he's all depressed about his family. They turned. Makes me think about my own family...he says that theres a group of survivors camping right outside town, but he doesn't trust them. They've agreed to trade with us. Apparently people are still using money as currency. We've started looting for money. We've got $512 dollars right now. We're worried about the infected, they've been growing in numbers lately. We fixed up our barricade, and we're starting on a second one. Two layers. Anyway, I gotta hit the hay, big day tomorrow, we're supposed to meet that group of survivors the day after tomorrow.

Entry Four.

I know what those guys were running from, now. I found a pile of bodies, all shot up. Jackson says it couldn't have been our trade guys. But I've got my doubts. But Jackson says he's traded with them before, so it's all good. Plus, what other choice do we have? We're running low on supplies, and the infected are hording in the east side of town. Anyway, gotta go. We're working on that barricade even more.

Entry Five.

It's all falling apart. Jackson is dead. Shot right between the eyes. I'm on the run now. We went to trade with the guys we got in contact with, and the fuckers ambushed us. Sniper fire. I was lucky; Jackson wasn't. I was able to trip a guy while I was running away and grab his pistol. I shot him. He's dead, too. His blood is on my hands. They're coming after me. They're ransacking every single house. I don't have much more time. The infected are everywhere to the east, and those guys are to the west. Looks like the end. But who knows. God has a weird way of doing things.

Entry Six (Scribbled down, pretty hard to read. Whoever wrote it was in a hurry.)

By the time you're reading this, I'm dead. They've got be cornered in the house, and they're coming in. I'm dead. I can only pray now. Not much more time. To my parents and my brother, I love you. You've given me a great life. If you've passed on, RIP. To Lara, I love you more than anything else. I can only hope you made it out of that place. Before I go, I've got one more thing to say. The guys..they called themselves Team-X. The Survival Guide mentioned th---*Blood all over page, the person was obviously killed at this point*

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Re: Diary of a dead man.

Post by Guest on Wed May 14, 2014 7:21 am

Good job!



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