Another pretty good idea. (Loyalist Bikes)

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Another pretty good idea. (Loyalist Bikes)

Post by Kookie on Tue May 20, 2014 7:58 pm

So recently, I came up with an idea to solve the rebel problem (See "A proposed solution to the rebel problem") This was more activities/fun things for citizens to do. I just had a great idea while outside jogging. Loyalist bikes. Loyalists (Very high loyalist, at least 25 points) have the option to purchase or rent a bike from the CWU. These bikes are equipped with a built in request device, which doubles as a tracker. The breaks are fitted with special Union Locks that automatically pop the tires and hold them in place if the bike leaves the allowed citizen parameters. Civil Protection can monitor the location of these bikes. They might have a camera fitted in, as well. If the bike's tires are popped and held in place, Civil Protection is automatically informed. This is still an idea. Feel free to add your suggestions/feedback in the comments.
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