Arcturus' CWU Application

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Arcturus' CWU Application

Post by Jdog1677 on Wed May 21, 2014 1:19 am

Steam Name: ✮ Arcturus

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:25579763

1. How long have you been on the server?

Two days.

2. Do you know how to properly roleplay?


3. Why do you want to join the Civil Worker's Union?

Well, I always wanted to something more than be a citizen on this server, and I thought it looked kind of fun working with the Civil Protection.

4. Have you read all of the application guidelines?


5. What have you learned from the application guidelines?

I know how to use the /me command, I work for the CP, not the rebels, learn how to passivley roleplay, not to abuse the faction, etc.

6. What do you do in this situation. You find an injured officer, his radio is missing and nobody is around.

Depending on if he was knocked out or not, I would escort him/bring him to the Medical Center for healing and would report the injured officer to another officer and would tend to the officer's wounds/sickness.

7. Give an example of how to properly roleplay selling citizens items.

"Hello, sir, what are you intrested in purchasing today?"
"Um.. I will take a beanie, and a piece of paper."
"Sure, that will be eight-teen tokens, please."
*character* gives eighteen tokens to the man.
/me *takes the tokens from the man*
"Thank you, I will be right out with your purchases."
/me *goes to the back of the store and grabs a beanie and paper and puts them in his hand, and walks back to the counter.
"Here you are, sir."
/me *hands the beanie and paper to the man.*
*character* Grabs the items and says "Thank you!"
"Thank you sir, have a nice day! Next!"

8. Can you use good grammar, capitalization, and correct punctuation?

Yes, I can.


Name: Leon Walfridsson
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Status (Loyalist, Civil Worker's Union, or Citizen?): Citizen
Loyalist Points:

Mother's Full Name: Chasity Walfridsson

Father's Full Name: Felix Walfridsson

Previous locations of residence before city seventeen: City 8, City 14.


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Re: Arcturus' CWU Application

Post by Duspende on Fri May 23, 2014 2:59 pm

DENIED This is clearly the only time you have ever been in contact with anything related to this community.
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