Jeison's MPF Application

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Jeison's MPF Application

Post by G H 0 S T. on Thu May 22, 2014 12:58 am

Steam Name: Jeison

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID:

1. How long have you been a part of Vortex Roleplay?
About 13 Days

2. What would you generalize to be your total playtime on Vortex?
Around 17 Hours

3. How long have you been roleplaying in general?
2 Years, On and off accounts

4. Do you consider yourself to be efficient at roleplaying?
Yes but I am always learning something new.

3. Why do you want to be a part of our Metropolice Force?
To get a Change in my Roleplaying experience and help out on the server.

4. Have you read all of the Informative Guidelines?

5. What have you learned from the application guide?
" You are not allowed to use a pistol of any kind until the rank of 04+, First Tier.
Using a pistol before reaching the above rank will result in two blackmarks." aswell as you Metropolice character has feelings.

6. There are a total of ___ informative guidelines.

7. Did you read and study the Metropolice Force Guide?

8. What does 10-4 mean?

9. What does 11-22a mean?
Light Contraband

10. List the weapons you'd be allowed to checkout at the following rank: 03, Second Tier.
- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol
- MP7 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun
- M67 Advanced Smoke Grenade
- C89 Flash Grenade

11. Give an example of a moderate contraband item.

12. What is the level of crime for having possession of a moderate contraband item?
What would the punishment be for that level of crime?
Level 3, Punished with 2-3 cycles in detainment aswell as Issue 4-6 penalty points.

13. How does the standard breach and clear protocol work?
The breacher stands on the left side of the door, waiting for the inject command. The breacher does not enter unless needed for a secondary breach.  2. After the door is breached, pointman 2 will enter,first, into the right side of the room. Pointman 1 will be right behind pointman 2, moving in to clear the left side. When an entire room is clear the pointmen call the all clear. 3.The Team leader calls the stack,prep, and inject commands. When the room is cleared, it is optional whether he enters or not.

14. What action do you take in the following situation:
You happen to be in the plaza, and an armed citizen is firing a pulse-rifle everywhere. Citizens are screaming,
a few officers are down, and the situation isn't looking good. /me (Get behind whatever i can to get cover.) Tell all citizens to get down, Radio in for backup and when backup is there listen to a higher ranks orders.

15. Explain the ten step process of properly detaining someone. It's on the guide.
Do not copy and paste.
1. Find the criminal and walk up to them.
2. Order them to face the nearest wall.If they don't comply, you may call in backup and/or use your stunstick.
3. Tie them. Ask them using LOOC or /me whether or not they resist.
4. Make them apply, scan their citizen data using /viewdata while /me'ing it
5. If they are an anti-citizen, call in for backup,if not continue on to step 6.
6. Decide what kind of punishment is to be received based on the crime.
7. If they are to be detained, bring them into a cell and stay with them for the duration of their detainment period.
8. Once their detainment period is over, order them to face a cell wall.
9. Knock the citizen unconscious using your stunstick.
10. Drag their body to a empty area on the map, wait from them to get up and untie them.

16. How does division ranking advancement work?
Patrol, and elite patrol division.

Science and Engineering Divison
(Vice 05 gains access to a combine APC)

Medical Division

Stealth Division

Court > Jury > Tribute > Judge
Amputation, interrogation, and sentencing division.

At the third tier of any division, you may become a SAVAGE unit. They are responsible for the regular training of both new and existing units. There are no tiers or ranks once you reach this division.

This division specializes in lifeforms. This can include BIOTICs, parasite research, working with hunters, etc.

17. What rank are you allowed to use a pistol at?
04+ Tier one

18. What happens if you use a pistol before this rank?
You will be given a blackmark.

19. Do you understand how to use our Advanced Viewdata?
Yes, the video helped alot.

20. What happens if you go rogue a third time?
I honestly looked for about an hour and cannot find anything for that, i would guess a blackmark

21. Do you understand not to argue with other players?

22. What should you do if you find yourself in a disagreement with other players?
Handle it in OOC, if it get out of hand call for an admin

23. What are your past experiences in the Metropolice Force?
None. This is my first server I'm applying on, and I'm trying to do my best to remember all of the rules.

23. Why should we accept your application?
1. I'm a very active player that plays on your server regularly.
2. I am responsible for all of my actions, and I know how to act properly so that I'm not breaking the laws of this server.

24. Why should we accept your application over other player's applications?
1. Just like I said above, I am very active player and I'm playing on this server regularly.
2. Many people seem to like being in action as a Metropolice i would like to just help Citizens and Civil Workers out.

25. What happens if you do not stay in-character, or try to mess-around and simply void it afterwards?
Around a 30 min-2 hour ban

26. Do you tend to complain a lot?
Really It seems that the only time I complain is when people FailRP and get away with it

27. Do you have any close friends who play on the server, that could recommend you?
Yes, as-well as

28. Can you passively roleplay, using detailed actions?

29. Do you have a basic knowledge and understanding of Half-Life 2 lore?

30. How active are you on the server?
About 4 Hours per day

31. Do you plan on being a loyal player?

- Give an example of your own personal passive roleplaying using the /me command.
Note: Give an example that represents the level of detail you use on average. For example, don't type a paragraph for walking across a floor unless you actually plan to use that amount of detail in game.


Name: Sephan Lethwiks
Status (Loyalist, Civil Worker's Union, or Citizen?):Citizen
Loyalist Points:0

Mother's Full Name:Idona Lethalwiks

Father's Full Name:Fredrick Lethalwiks
Yes but I am always learning something new

Previous locations of residence before city seventeen:City 42

Character Backstory: Sephan Lethwiks was a child born in City 42 with his mother and father being Metropolice, His father decided to go Rouge and his mother was not OK with that. After a long time of there split up ( Sephan Living with the father) The Metropolice had called for the mother to kill the father as she would know him more. The mother was forced to kill the father. Sephan was in shock and decided to hide on the bottom of a Metro police boat that went to City 17's Shell Beach.
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