My Combine Scientist character idea and bio :3

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My Combine Scientist character idea and bio :3

Post by RawrDinosaur77 on Fri May 23, 2014 9:48 pm

(this all looks much nicer in Microsoft word, was able to color the text and organize it into paragraphs, can't seem to do that here <.< also warning, fanon approaching :p)
Dr. Allison Wraid
Height: 5’5 Feet
Weight:126 lbs.
Appearance: Brunette hair tied up in a bun, white uniform, loafers.  

   Allison was a child protégé growing up, with deep interests in physics and engineering. She graduated from high school at age seventeen, and was awarded a scholarship, by an anonymous donor, to the California Institute of Technology. There she began to work towards a doctorate in applied physics. After attending for several years, she returned to her home state, New York, to visit family while on break. The Combine invaded shortly after, destabilizing the world’s governments, and subjugating Earth’s human populace. After being separated from her family she was detained by Combine soldiers and imprisoned.
   She spent nearly a week in isolation, with her meals being delivered by machines. The silence was beginning to drive her insane when she received a letter from a well-dressed aid to the Interim Administrator, Wallace Breen. Allison was given an offer she couldn’t refuse, a chance to finish her education. The letter guaranteed a place in the Combine’s Scientific Elevation Program. The goal of this project would be to gather those whose education might have been ended prematurely due to the war, and allow them to finish it under the guidance of Earth’s new Benefactors. If she managed to complete the program, she would be guaranteed a “contract” of sort, working in research and development for the Universal Union’s presence on Earth. Failure was not an option for Allison. Early on, she and her fellow “classmates” learned that if they failed to gain anything from the program, not only would their chance at work be rescinded, so would their lives.  Allison endured inhumane conditions to pass every course assigned to her by her Benefactors, going for days without sleep and food to prepare for various examinations and tests. Three years of study and work culminated in a doctorate in applied physics, mastership of biological and mechanical engineering, and a grim cynicism that would remain a part of her demeanor to the present day.
   Upon completion of her education she was stationed at the Combine’s Provisional Capital in New York, one of the earlier Citadelesque type constructs that were built by the invaders. She underwent training in working in hazardous environments, and worked closely with the team that adapted Combine technology for human use. During this time she became keenly interested in weapons development. Always a dutiful scientist, she worked around the clock in the lab, and in the field. Her experiences in the Seven Hour War and the trauma experienced in several field expeditions have left her with a mild case of agoraphobia, one she is willing to overcome in the event her expertise is needed outside her office. When the Combine moved their capitol to City 17, she ran a lab in the Citadel working on exotic weapons and armor. Failure to provide results while working with teleportation technology, as well as several inquiries into knowledge considered by her Benefactors to be unimportant resulted in her near termination. The Earth Administrator himself intervened, and she found herself relocated from the Citadel to the Nexus in City 17’s industrial sector. In the Industrial Sector she is to proceed with her work on a smaller scale, as well as to advise the Administrator on more scientific matters, with most attention at the Citadel being moved to other projects undertaken by the Combine’s current favorites.

   Recently I found myself wanting to take up a new role in roleplaying. I decided to make a character that was Combine allied, but played a different role. I’ve always been interested in scientific roleplay and tried making a character that was a Union Civil Researcher. Upon doing so, I found I had very little interest in the roll that such a character entitled. I was more interested in making a character that was doing more important work, someone who was working closely with the Combine. As a result came this biography and back story. The character I want to roleplay would serve as a Combine scientist, as well as scientific advisor to the City Administrator, reporting to said administrator. In essence she would be a storyline character. On her I would provide roleplay for as many other Combine related characters as I could. She would work closely with Civil Protection science personnel in research, as well as in the acquiring of samples and specimens for study. She could oversee and work closely with civil researchers too. On her I would be able to set up plots and projects to encourage roleplay, not just for Combine related characters, but as time goes on, everyone too. In a way she would be a Judith Mossman type character, working closely with the Breen type city administrator, but without the spying part, just science. I hope people like this idea. 


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