RAW's MPF app

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RAW's MPF app

Post by John1r on Sun May 25, 2014 2:03 pm



Steam Profile Link:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005406922/

Steam ID:#    197 "RAW-SEWAGE"        STEAM_0:0:22570597  41:08       84    0 active

1. How long have you been a part of Vortex Roleplay? -  I have been currently playing for about a 1 wee k and a half. As I play more I start to gain more interest into the server

2. What would you generalize to be your total playtime on Vortex? I would sum up to be at least 10 days

3. How long have you been roleplaying in general? I have been roleplaying for six years.

4. Do you consider yourself to be efficient at roleplaying? As a matter of fact I do, my brothers have taught me over the years, and as they taught me I would be complimented on my roleplay.

3. Why do you want to be a part of our Metropolice Force? I want to be part of the Metropolice force to have a good roleplaying experience and to give others a good roleplaying experience themselves.

4. Have you read all of the Informative Guidelines? No  I havent,  but as I play I will gladly read it.
These are the tips at the top of the application

5. What have you learned from the application guidelines?

6. There are a total of ___ informative guidelines.

7. Did you read and study the Metropolice Force Guide? Yes I have.

8. What does 10-4 mean? 10-4 means copy.

9. What does 11-22a mean? 11- 22a means contraband

10. List the weapons you'd be allowed to checkout at the following rank: 03, Second Tier. 9mm Pistol. MP7. M67

11. Give an example of a moderate contraband item. A handheld radio.

12. What is the level of crime for having possession of a moderate contraband item? Level 3 of crime.
What would the punishment be for that level of crime? The punishedment would be detainment. Then 4-6 criminal points.

13. How does the standard breach and clear protocol work? There are two officers at the sides of the door. Pointman 1 and Pointman 2. Then there is a breacher on the left side, followed by a team leader in the middle.
The team leader gives the commands of stack, which means stack up the door. Then prep, that means to ready your weapons. Then inject, to move into the area your raiding. The breacher shoots the door, and pointman two is the first to move in, and then comes pointman 1 behind him.

14. What districts/areas are you allowed to enter at all times?
Districts D1-D5

15. What districts/areas are you only allowed to enter under certain circumstances? List the circumstances for each area.
Grotto- Only allowed when instructed
Shell Beach- Only when opened to citizens

16. Which districts/areas are you never allowed to enter, period?

17. At what rank are you allowed to leave the nexus? You are allowed to leave the nexus at 05 but you need a patrol partner.

18. What action do you take in the following situation:
You happen to be in the plaza, and an armed citizen is firing a pulse-rifle everywhere. Citizens are screaming,
a few officers are down, and the situation isn't looking good.
Personally what I would do is I would request overwatch to clear the situation.

19. Explain the ten step process of properly detaining someone. It's on the guide.
Do not copy and paste.
First of all, you find out where the criminal is located, and head to they're position.
Then, you would have to order them to face the wall. If the citizen is resisting, I would usually call in for backup.
Next, I would get the civillian tied. While I do my /me, I would ask if he resists or not.
Then, I would I would check the citizen's background
After, I would radio in to check his punishments
If the citizen has to be detained, I would knock him out so he wouldnt have any sight of the nexus\
When I would put him to jail, I would decide how many cycles he is issued
I would then stay with the suspect until his cycles are over.
Last, once his cycles are finished, I would knock him out again and put him somewhere safe outside.
20. How does division ranking advancement work?
There are different types of tiers, such as this.
Union T1= 05>04>03>02>01
After you go through the tier, you may advance to tier two. You could even advance to the highest tier, or go OFC or CMD.

21. At which rank are you allowed to authorize Judgement Waivers? Tier two and above.

22. Which of the following situations would require a Judgement Waiver? Mark [Yes] or [No] next to each situation.

• A Metropolice Unit or City Administrator is murdered by a rogue unit or anti-citizen: Yes
• An anti-citizen fires a weapon anywhere within the city: Yes
• Unarmed Anti-Citizens are sighted or reported: No
• An uprising, or other form of rebel propaganda takes place: Yes
• A Metropolice Unit is assaulted WITHOUT a firearm: No

23. What rank are you allowed to use a pistol at? Tier one, 04.

24. What happens if you use a pistol before this rank? You will be blackmarked. For example if he is a RCT and is name is C17-RCT-1039, he would now be C17-RCT-1039X

25. Do you understand how to use our Advanced Viewdata?

26. What happens if you go rogue and get caught? You will be amputated, and issued a PK.

27. Do you understand not to argue with other players?
I understand

28. What should you do if you find yourself in a disagreement with other players? I would have a admin to resolve it.

29. What are your past experiences in the Metropolice Force?
I have many roleplaying experiences, which I cannot list. But, you may tell as I am an outstanding roleplayer.

30. Why should we accept your application? You should acccept my application because I have five roleplaying years as a unit and I have alot of experience. Also, I am a very good roleplayer.

31. Why should we accept your application over other player's applications? You should accept my application, because as you may see I have put all of my effort into it, unlike most applications you have seen before.

32. What happens if you do not stay in-character, or try to mess-around and simply void it afterwards? I think you would be issued a warning, or just a kick. It depends on the situation.

33. Do you tend to complain a lot?
No I do not, if an admin is reasonable with me, then I will never complain.

34. Do you have any close friends who play on the server, that could recommend you? Actually I do have one. His steam name is Vladmir Putin.

35. Can you passively roleplay, using detailed actions? Yes I can, and I am very good and experienced with it.

36. Do you have a basic knowledge and understanding of Half-Life 2 lore? Yes I do.

37. How active are you on the server? I play on this server every single day.. Not one day missed.

38. How well can you follow instructions? I follow insustrions like its 1-2-3.

39. Do you plan on being a loyal player? Yes I do I plan on being co-operative aswell.

- Give an example of your own personal passive roleplaying using the /me command.
Note: Give an example that represents the level of detail you use on average. For example, don't type a paragraph for walking across a floor unless you actually plan to use that amount of detail in game.
/me would walk up to his apartment door, and take out his room key.
/me would put the key into his door, and twist it, unlocking the door.
/me would open the door, and shut it behind him
/me locks the door, and turns around to face his room
/me goes to his bed, and falls asleep.

Name: James Volkov
Age: 32
Gender: M
Height: 5'10
Status (Loyalist, Civil Worker's Union, or Citizen?): Citizens
Loyalist Points [N/A if None]: None

Mother's Full Name: Christine Volkov
Father's Full Name: James Volkov

Previous locations of residence before city seventeen:
My location before city seventeen was back in city forty-five.

Character Backstory: James grew up as a suburb boy as a kid. He was born in 1984. Jame's family started poorly, living in a criminal area. As he grew up to become twenty years old he decided to live his life as a police officer. As he lived by a police officer, he grew more intellect of protocols, and his duty. He quickly achieved high ranks, and brought down the criminals to make it into a clean society.
When he was about 30, he quit his job before the war. He now wants to make city 17 a cleaner societ, too.

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Post by John1r on Sun May 25, 2014 2:03 pm

Please accept my application


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Re: RAW's MPF app

Post by Sneaker on Mon May 26, 2014 9:51 am

This is a double-post, and weren't you temp banned last night? For minging?


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Re: RAW's MPF app

Post by John1r on Mon May 26, 2014 10:38 am

Actually, I wasn't minging. It was a misunderstanding. That's why I made an un-ban appeal. -Support me!


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Re: RAW's MPF app

Post by Duspende on Mon May 26, 2014 10:57 am

You're a minge. I've seen you on previous servers aswell as my own, and you're always trouble.

Besides, you got some questions wrong.
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Re: RAW's MPF app

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