Rations... Delicious

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Rations... Delicious

Post by Guest on Sun May 25, 2014 6:49 pm

Erz wrote:
C17.MPF.NOMAD:02-688 says "<:: Oh- don't- ::>"
Erzsebet Arvey says "Kermerd, NOMAD wanted to talk to you"
[LOOC] Erzsebet Arvey: gtfo
[LOOC] Erzsebet Arvey: nerd
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "He did?"
** The operating table is a bloody mess, with eyes and other parts everywhere.
[LOOC] Erzsebet Arvey: *she i think
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "Oh."
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "Ah.."
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "Hello nomad."
C17.MPF.NOMAD:02-688 says "<:: She* ::>"
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "You wanted to talk?"
Dispatch broadcasts "Citizen reminder. Inaction is conspiracy. Report counter behaviour to a Civil Protection team immediately."
C17.MPF.NOMAD:02-688 says "<:: Actually- ::>"
** Erzsebet Arvey looks at parts blankly
C17.MPF.JURY:05-775 radios in "<:: PT1 checking catwalks. ::>"
C17.MPF.NOMAD:02-688 says "<:: Uh, no, I didn't. ::>"
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "Oh."
** Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton chuckles, opening the door.
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "Nice."
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "What went on here?"
Erzsebet Arvey says "Rations making, obviously"
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "What?"
** There is also a brown syringe on the floor.
C17.MPF.NOMAD:02-688 says "<:: Yeah, totally. ::>"
** Erzsebet Arvey looks at paper
** Erzsebet Arvey smirks
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "You're not serious."
Erzsebet Arvey says "Alright then."
Gremmy Fishstick has connected to the server.
SkullCrusher has disconnected from the server.
Erzsebet Arvey says "Kermerd, don't you have science to do?"
C17.MPF.APEX:05-269 radios in "<:: 10-17m sighted ::>"
C17.MPF.APEX:05-269 radios in "<:: Orders? ::>"
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "Alrighty."
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "Yes I do."
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "I'm on."
** Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton coughs.
C17.MPF.APEX:05-269: I guess void it?
Kemerd 'Razor' Hinton says "Break."



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Re: Rations... Delicious

Post by Kookie on Mon May 26, 2014 12:17 am

I've been on servers where rations are dead humans.
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