Diamond_miner56's OP app

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Diamond_miner56's OP app

Post by Diamond_miner56 on Mon May 26, 2014 1:10 am


Steam Name: Diamond_miner56

Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049125074/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:44429673

1. How old are you?
Currently 15.

2. How long have you been playing on the server?
One week.

3. Why do you want to be a staff member?
I would like to help out with the server and I noticed I am on a lot when no staff members are online

4. What factions are you currently whitelisted for?
Citizen. (Will apply for MPF)

5. How well known are you on the server?
I am not sure, I have a few people on my friends list. Including but not limited to Ferub, Golden-Spy and Sheeplie.

6. Do other players on the server like you?
I have no clue, you would have to ask another player.

7. Have you ever been banned?
I have never been banned.

8. Have you ever been kicked?
I have never been kicked.

9. Have you ever been warned?
I have not been warned for anything.

10. Why should we choose you as an operator?
You should choose me for an operator position because I am very experienced in HL2RP and other forms as RP and I am mature enough to handle minges and trolls. Also in
staff positions, Including but not limited to Sloth Gaming:Op, Sundown Roleplay: SA, Eclipse Gaming: Co Owner, Dystopia: Admin.

11. Have you helped anyone on the server yet?
Yes and I wish to continue to do so.

12. Have you ever helped someone on the server? Give an example if so.
I gave Golden-Spy some advice on a hacker that kept coming onto the server after being banned.

13. Why are you more mature than other players?
I can handle situations without siding with friends or getting angry at members.

14. Are any of your characters important?
I started a small gang with my charecter John "Hunter" Kello

15. Are you active on the server?
Yes, I try to be on a couple times a day ranging from an hour to three.

16. Will you be able to be active a lot?
I hope, I try and be on atleast twice a day.

17. What do you do in this situation:

Two players are arguing in OOC, one is angry because the other stole his ration before he could get a chance to pick it up. You have no clue where the players are at the moment.
I would turn on admin esp find both players, then take them to a rooftop and discuss with them the situation in LOOC. After talking with both players I would make my decision
if one player is lieing or they actually stole his ration. If the ration was stolen I would have it returned and then warn the player not to steal rations again. If the player lied
I would warn them not to waste a staff members time.

18. What do you do in this situation:

A citizen is mingepunching a civil protection officer, he isn't listening to what they explain to him in LOOC, and he continues.

I would physgun the citizen to a rooftop and dicuss with him what he had done wrong, if the citizen was just unaware he was in fault I would teach him the basics of roleplay, Fear/Pain Rp, /me's, p2l/rolling, ect.
If the citizen is just trolling I would give them one and only one warning to stop or be kicked.

19. A citizen sneaks up on a unit while they were preoccupied, and hit the unit on the head with some sort of object. The unit is upset because the citizen did not roll. Who is right, and why?

I would tell the citizen and MpF that the citizen would have the advantage because he had snuck up on a pre occupied MpF, then depending on the size of object I would determine if the MpF is knocked out, stunned, or dead.

20. A group of citizen attacks an overwatch unit with no weapons whatsoever. The overwatch unit overpowers them and amputates all of them on the spot. The citizens are upset that they didn't have a chance to win, or that the overwatch unit didn't play to loose. Who is in the right and why?

In my opinion the overwatch unit was right, Overwatch units are extremly trained and augmented, one overwatch unit would easily take down three citizens. I would explain this to the citizens
that with no weapons they would have no chance taking down an overwatch unit. Then I would tell the overwatch unit to P2L a little bit because no character wins everything.

21. A citizen climbs into the City Administrator's mail cute with the help of another citizen. They're both a bit bored, and feel like messing around. What do you do?

I would teleport them out then tell them about their fault, getting through that chute is mingey and trollish. I would warn them once about their fault
if they where to do it again I would kick them both.

22. What can you offer to our community?
I can offer a couple years of roleplay experience and a friendly attitude towards everyone

23. Do you tend to mess around a lot in LOOC chat? This includes but is not limited to the following:

No I tend not to use that type of talk in OOC but on occasion I will use lol, or XD.

24. Do you tend to do crazy things, and then void them right after?

No, I do not like to make roleplay go slow by wasting time like that.

25. Do you get upset if you do not get your way?

I tend not to unless I am actually right, but normally I would try to figure out what I did wrong to fix it in the future,

26. Will you get angry if you do something wrong, and a higher staff member corrects you?

No I would accept the help so I can get better at my job.

27. Why do you like the server? Why is it unique to you?

I like this server because of the people and great ideas it has along with good rp experiences.
This server is unique because of the roleplay you can have, Ie. I played D&D with some people in the bar.


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Re: Diamond_miner56's OP app

Post by Golden-Spy on Tue May 27, 2014 11:54 am

This is not the location for Op applications. It will be moved to the proper location, and this comment will thus become pointless...

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Re: Diamond_miner56's OP app

Post by Streak on Tue May 27, 2014 3:26 pm

Not a bad app to the point your judgements for people in situtations is fair. Some minor grammar mistakes. Honestly I would base this on how long you have played here. A week in my opinion is a bit short.

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Re: Diamond_miner56's OP app

Post by Ltsparklez on Tue May 27, 2014 3:51 pm

I like the application but I think you should have some more time on the server
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Re: Diamond_miner56's OP app

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