The Official Character Thread

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The Official Character Thread

Post by Sir Trolled on Sat Mar 29, 2014 8:54 pm

Post here information, back-story, a picture, or the theme song of your character on the HL2RP server! Very Happy

[b][i]Archibald 'Locke' Pulaski[/i][/b]


(His theme song)


Locke is the leader of a continental organization, known as the Oceanic Insurgent Coalition, a rebellious consolidation structured similarly to the U.S military (Privates, Sergeants, Colonels, etc.)
Locke is experienced in stealth, shooting, melee combat, and survival tactics. Those few attributes are responsible for his survival in the world supervised under an electron microscope.

[b]Survival is simply a privilege. Don't lose it.[/b]
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