Possible New Map Screenshots!

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Possible New Map Screenshots!

Post by Sheeplie on Sat Mar 29, 2014 9:39 pm

Check out this map, Kemerd and I have worked on it, and we gave it a nexus, along with Union posters.
(Still a WIP)


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Re: Possible New Map Screenshots!

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:45 pm

I'm doing the mapping here, boiy.

Sheeplie is more of an advisor. (Aka bossing me around on screenshare and what to add here and there. XD Kidding, he's helping a lot.)

This isn't actually our original map, it's a map I got from a friend that he let us modify for HL2RP.

;0 *wink*

Features (Updated):
Working Trains with Different Stops
A secret bunker that you must find yourself, even hard to find OOC. (You can't noclip to it. Wink)
Almost Every Building is Enterable
About a Dozen Shops.
Apartments are beautifully decorated.
Custom Textures/Models
A TON of easter eggs which will reward you with a laugh if you look closely.
(WIP) Sewers
The Nexus from City 18.
A big map with many places to go.
An interesting layout. (Takes a bit of getting used to.)
Tons of buildings for every type of roleplay, wether it be Passive, Citizen, or Resistance, meaning a building could go either way.
An incredibly detailed map!


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