jacksonsp117 Metro police Application

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jacksonsp117 Metro police Application

Post by jacksonsp117 on Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:16 am


Steam Name: jacksonsp177

Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042044180/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40889226

1. How long have you been a part of Vortex Roleplay?
Three days

2. What would you generalize to be your total playtime on Vortex?
12 hours

3. How long have you been roleplaying in general?
Few years (9500 hours)

4. Do you consider yourself to be efficient at roleplaying?
Yes, I do

3. Why do you want to be a part of our Metropolice Force?
I have the role-playing skills to enhance role-play around me and others, I am aware on how the combine and metro police force are supposed to act around people and their fellow officers. Clearly stated above I have been playing for years and I am aware on all kinds on feelings and emotions along with passive roleplay and combat roleplay. If I am chosen for MPF I can really add a new aspect for others to follow.

4. Have you read all of the Informative Guidelines?
Yes, I have.

5. What have you learned from the application guidelines?
All information needed to know about Metro Police Force connected to my application and guidelines to follow in the server as a CP

6. There are a total of ___ informative guidelines.

7. Did you read and study the Metropolice Force Guide?
Yes, I also talked it over with Golden about it.

8. What does 10-4 mean?

9. What does 11-22a mean?
Light Contraband

10. List the weapons you'd be allowed to checkout at the following rank: 03, Second Tier.
03+ (Tier Two)
- Basic USP Match 9mm Pistol
- MP7 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun
- M67 Advanced Smoke Grenade
- C89 Flash Grenade

11. Give an example of a moderate contraband item.
Possession of a moderate contraband item.
(Basic weapons, resistance gear, radio's, etc.)
Threatening the life of another human being.
( This can include citizens, CWU members, units, OTAs, etc.)
Stealing another citizens rations.

12. What is the level of crime for having possession of a moderate contraband item?
What would the punishment be for that level of crime?
Issue 4-6 penalty points, Punished with 2-3 cycles in detainment.

13. How does the standard breach and clear protocol work?
You have point man one and point man two they stack on the other side from where the door knob is located, you have the breacher who stands next to the door knob. Team leader can either follow behind the breacher or pointman two. TM gives the orders to stack, prep, and inject, on inject the breacher will shoot the lock/open the door and point man one will enter and walk to the left of the room as point man two covers the right side of the room, once the room is empty of hostiles or there are to armed men everyone says clear.

14. What districts/areas are you allowed to enter at all times?
District 1-5: Allowed.

15. What districts/areas are you only allowed to enter under certain circumstances? List the circumstances for each area.
District Seven / Shell Beach: Only allowed when it's opened for citizens.
Grizzly Grotto: Only Allowed when responding to calls.

16. Which districts/areas are you never allowed to enter, period?
District Six / Construction Zone: Never Allowed.

17. At what rank are you allowed to leave the nexus?

18. What action do you take in the following situation:
You happen to be in the plaza, and an armed citizen is firing a pulse-rifle everywhere. Citizens are screaming,
a few officers are down, and the situation isn't looking good.
I would radio in “Anit-citizen in the plaza armed and firing” I would draw my pistol and engage the target; my life is endanger so I saw you my weapon to defend myself. OTA at this point would come online and help deal with the issue.

19. Explain the ten step process of properly detaining someone. It's on the guide.
1. Find the criminal, and locate their location

2. I would then, after finding them, have them face the nearest wall, if he does not do so I would use my stunstick/call for back up. If need and only if my life is endanger I would use my 9mm pistol to make the threat stop or disable him.

3. After having them face the wall I would tie then, I would then ask is LOOC is they resist or not.

4. I will have them apply, /viewdata, I would find out their record. I would also /me this showing my action of course.

5. Depending on if they’re a anti-citizen I would radio for back up, but most likely a Anit-citizen won’t give themselves up so easy.

6. On the matter of the crime is done you will be punished, Re-ed, detainment, amp.

7. If detainment follows you lock them into a cell.

8. Once their detainment time is up you are to have them face the wall.

9. Knock the citizen unconscious, of course with your stunstick.

10. You take their body to a area inside city limits and untie them, once done allow them to wake up and leave. If the citizen feels to fight back you repeat the process.

20. How does division ranking advancement work?
MPF Ranking goes backwards, in a sense. You start out at 05, being the lowest rank, and then move up from 04, 03, 02, and then to 01.
After 01, you will get promoted to the next tier of your division.
Lets say you’re Union, you will go from 05 to 01 then you go to storm and go from 05 to 01 and then ghost, and so on.
Patrol, and elite patrol division.

21. At which rank are you allowed to authorize Judgement Waivers?
Tier two and above ONLY

22. Which of the following situations would require a Judgement Waiver? Mark [Yes] or [No] next to each situation.
• A Metropolice Unit or City Administrator is murdered by a rogue unit or anti-citizen: Yes
• An anti-citizen fires a weapon anywhere within the city: Yes
• Unarmed Anti-Citizens are sighted or reported: No
• An uprising, or other form of rebel propaganda takes place: Yes
• A Metropolice Unit is assaulted WITHOUT a firearm: No

23. What rank are you allowed to use a pistol at?
04+ But some DvL’s I heard are allowing people to use them in emergencies

24. What happens if you use a pistol before this rank?
Blackmark/ or worse depending on the effects that follow

25. Do you understand how to use our Advanced Viewdata?
Yes, and I think it is a fantastic system

26. What happens if you go rogue and get caught?
Subject to amputation

27. Do you understand not to argue with other players?

28. What should you do if you find yourself in a disagreement with other players?
Get a admins help or solve it peacefully.

29. What are your past experiences in the Metropolice Force?
I have been 05 to Sector… I have a huge history but most of it is lost due to community’s shutting down from no funding to blacklisted. If you would truly like to know ask me over steam.

30. Why should we accept your application?
Because if I am accepted I can be one of the best recruits you have ever had, I know the rules and guidelines and follow it with a firm mind set. I would be a great addition to your community.

31. Why should we accept your application over other player's applications?
Stated in 30; I know more than other players you would accept.

32. What happens if you do not stay in-character, or try to mess-around and simply void it afterwards?
I would never do this, but if it does so happen I would first get in a mess with an admin and depending on how bad it is I will be de-whitelisted.

33. Do you tend to complain a lot?
Not much unless I know I am in the right and you are wrong, other than that no.

34. Do you have any close friends who play on the server, that could recommend you?
Golden if a friend of mine but we are not super close.

35. Can you passively roleplay, using detailed actions?

36. Do you have a basic knowledge and understanding of Half-Life 2 lore?
Yes… Greatly!

37. How active are you on the server?
Very active.

38. How well can you follow instructions?

39. Do you plan on being a loyal player?
Yes, I already am.

- Give an example of your own personal passive roleplaying using the /me command.
/me Walks over to the door and pushes it open walking into the office
Officer: Hello Recruit.
/me Salute “Good morning Sir, you requested me to your office Sir.”
Officer: I did, I would like to see your ID number and pistol.
/me Unclips the latch on his leg holster and pulls the weapon out from the holster laying it on the table and placing his ID badge from his belt next to it.
Officer: *Views the gun and ID number* “Ok it is good, back to patrol.”
/me Grabs the gun and latches it back into the holster and clips his ID badge back, Salutes once more and walks out of the office.
/me Closes the door behind him and heads to the firing range and asks the QM for more rounds for his 9mm.


Name: David Marshall
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 6’4
Status (Loyalist, Civil Worker's Union, or Citizen?): Citizen, working on being a loyalist
Loyalist Points [N/A if None]: 2

Mother's Full Name: Unknown

Father's Full Name: Unknown

Previous locations of residence before city seventeen: City 18

Character Backstory: Data lost, Unknown. Subject seems to have memory loss when in a Metro police raid on Dec, 9, 2018.

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Re: jacksonsp117 Metro police Application

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Re: jacksonsp117 Metro police Application

Post by Ca$h Flow on Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:04 am

Besides MPF app's being closed. Why does it seem you Copy and pasted questions 11 and 10?

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Re: jacksonsp117 Metro police Application

Post by jacksonsp117 on Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:08 am

Because I did, You wanted the answers so I gave it right from the hand book you provided, I mean it is what it is.


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Re: jacksonsp117 Metro police Application

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