Streak - C17.MPF.APEX:04-183's Lab project. Day 1.

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Streak - C17.MPF.APEX:04-183's Lab project. Day 1.

Post by Streak on Wed Jun 11, 2014 5:23 pm


"<:: Unit 183, beginning project to increase conductivity and power output of MPF stunsticks. The date of project start is… ::>"

C17.MPF.APEX:04-183 says "<:: Thirteen, dash, two, dash, sixteen. ::>"(13-2-16)
C17.MPF.APEX:04-183 says “<:: The time is… Seven Fifty PM. ::>

C17.MPF.APEX:04-183 says “<:: Beginning with testing the current stunstick’s voltage output by touching a steel plate for two seconds. Readings will be taken to a computer to show current voltage range. Test started with 20 degree temperature ::>

C17.MPF.APEX:04-183 says  <:: Current output of stunstick with steel tipping show a conductivity of 6.21x10⁶ S/m,  with a resistance of 1.61x10-⁷Ω. ::>

C17.MPF.APEX:04-183 says  <:: A person can be cooked alive at 240v AC on a continuous flow, as this would come from a plate of metal about the size of an average palm. ::>

C17.MPF.APEX:04-183 says <:: With taking into consideration the stunsticks metal tipping is around 2 millimetres thick, and there being 12 tips, I would assume each tips output to be around 12 volts each. 144 volts being sent out through 12 tips, and 72 volts for 6 tips. ::>

C17.MPF.APEX:04-183 says <:: To summarise: Testing taken on current stunstick voltage output. Also covered the voltage output to each metal tip, and total of all. ::>

C17.MPF.APEX:04-183 says  <:: This will conclude Day 1’s initial testing. Time ended at.. Eight Forty Five PM ::>

*More will be added in coming days. I know the initial test is small, but I had a pounding headache when I was writing this up. So in the next tests, there will be allot more.

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Re: Streak - C17.MPF.APEX:04-183's Lab project. Day 1.

Post by ㅤㅤ on Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:09 pm

Thank you. thank you, thank you. For actually making a report. I've seen many experiments with no report, and I thank you for this. Great work, and I hope to see more!
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