.... AKA 'Lisa Winrow'

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.... AKA 'Lisa Winrow'

Post by ㅤㅤ on Fri Jun 13, 2014 5:41 pm

This story follows the actions of one individual, a individual who is so complex some do not believe it. The very same individual lived through the 7 hour war and all the effects of it. She started out just like her fellow citizens. So normal infact, she was never noticed. A shadow you might say. It all changed one day.

Day 1: Screams are heard outside 'Lisa's' door, echoing throughout the apartment complex. Very ordinary sounds, infact heard all the time. This was no surprise to Lisa, who at that very moment, was staring out of the window. Thoughts floated throughout her head, very like the screams of brutality. A length of time passes between the last scream of a fellow citizen. Suddenly, there are footsteps outside her door. Just as suddenly, she starts praying, praying that she isn't the poor soul to suffer a brutal death. It was not her, she realized, as they broke down the door next to her room, and drag out a screaming girl. She was talking to the same girl every day. That girl was never heard from again, disappearing into the nexus. It wasn't the day

Day 2: Screams are heard throughout the hallways. Dragging sounds are heard coming closer and closer to 'Lisa's' room. 'Lisa' looks toward the door, a uncaring expression is on her face, and she returns her glance to her window. A knocking sound comes from her door, following with a unit breaking down the door violently, not giving her the chance to react. The unit's mask was different, following with another one. They didn't look like Civil Protection themselves, they were...different. Scary. Intimidating. The unit already has his electrostunbaton raised, hitting her in the left leg. 'Lisa' screams out in pain, her leg bending and her eyes glancing down at her bruised leg. This is followed by a swift swing to her head knocking her out.

Day 3: ...Screams are heard again, but 'Lisa' never heard them. 'Lisa' was long gone, in a location revoked from public knowledge. Even some of the most pristine units how no idea the room was there. 'Lisa' was locked into a chair by her feet, hands, and head. Strange wires are attached to her head, she realizes as she awakes, moving her body rigorously in an attempt to escape. It was futile. A "doctor" apears, wearing a mask across his face. His features were the most disgusting part of him, his side of his face was burnt off, attached to it a device. 'Lisa' shakes in her chair, moving her arms to escape. It was once again, futile. The "doctor" starts to speak, in a digusting, horrible, robotic voice. "You are a hero. You know that? ...Yes, you are the keeper of peace, the keeper of our race, the keeper of... humanity. You shall be the protector of min-... our device. The one device to end it all. Of course, you won't know of any of this. Well... at least after, the procedure. Don't worry, it won't hurt... much." He moves his face closer to her's, revealing his horrible features, and his different colored eyes. "Don't be afraid, you are the next generation, the generation to save us all." 'Lisa' opens her mouth to speak, no words coming out, as if her vocal cords have been cut. "Oh yes, we had to get rid of your speech. We can't allow you to spoil the moment. You will have speech returned to you. You should thank us, you know? For giving you the privilege.... I'll be back tomorrow."

Day 3: The "doctor" comes into the room, saying nothing, moving the console, revealing his robotic fingers. He presses a multitude of buttons, opening two doors, and lowering 'Lisa' down to a operating position. Two other "doctors" come in with the same exact mask, pulling out a multitude of tools and welders. "Are we ready?" "Yes, we are. Commence", says another "doctor." All this time 'Lisa' instincts tell her to scream, but she can't. She can't do anything. Powerless... "We have failed many times because the subject... bled too much. We hope you can sustain your life." The doctor lowers his tool, resembling some sort of saw, getting about an inch from her flesh, before another doctor coming through. "WAIT! Wait!, I have something. It will give her.... give the experiment more chance of success. Very new, very experimental." The main "doctor" places his hand back taking the syringe, injecting it brutally into her neck. 'Lisa' awaits the extreme pain that follows...

'Lisa', after this day, was no longer 'Lisa', she was a grunt of the device, a slave of her own body. Her mind remains intact after being brainwashed, but these memories remain shadowed. She will forever be known as Sierra-Hotel-Alpha-Delta-Oscar-Whiskey. SHADOW. Her designation shall remain in her head, but the fact that she is no longer entirely human is not.
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