The Tale of Knight Icee

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The Tale of Knight Icee

Post by Nugget and Skull on Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:57 pm

The storm rumbles in, its clouds in mighty rises and its rain pounding the earth. Thunder claps and lightning flashes, illuminating the world below. Flee before do all mortals as its might simply could mot be faced, except for a lone man donning a colored cape. He stands against the gusts of wind with a simple scowl as even he, the knight so full of pride, knew of his final fate. With a raised sword and a mighty howl he charges into the tempest unforgiving. He thrashed and swung at the reaching tendrils of the storm to no avail, his foe giving no notice to the insignificant warrior below as it marched across the world. It mattered little how he fought and soon the battle lost, the knight lay tiredly in the rain in defeat. Today we stand in his honor to hope to complete his wish, that being we serve flavored ice with every dish.
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