Enclave096's OTA Application

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Enclave096's OTA Application

Post by Enclave096 on Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:40 pm


Steam Name: Enclave

Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198029192112/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:34463192

1. How long have you been on the server?
- I've been on the server for about 3 weeks, over a full day has been spent playing on the server.

2. Do you know how to properly roleplay?
- Yes, I do.

3. Why do you want to be an Overwatch Transhuman Arm?
- I would like to join the OTA because it would be an interesting experience and would let me improve on my RPing skills.

4. Have you read all of the application guidelines?
- Yes, I have

5. What have you learned from the application guidelines?
- I have learned that I may not go rouge. I also learned that I must always follow protocol and talk in the OTA format. I may not abuse the faction as well.

6. What do you do in this situation. A judgement waiver is called, and your fellow Overwatch units are heading to the slums, just like ordered. You, however, happen to still be in the plaza.
- I would radio in that I'm inbound to his location, if I cannot find the squad, I would ask for their exact 10-20. I would head to their location after they tell me where they are and I would follow protocol like normal. If I told by any higher officer to stay to do something else, I would and I would inform my fellow squad that I am not coming.

7. Do you understand that you are mostly mechanical and must follow orders, and cannot make decisions or have passive conversations with other players?
- Yes, I do.

8. Give an example of how to properly speak as an Overwatch Transhuman Arm.

9. Have you received breach training on your MPF character?
- Yes, I have.

10. Give an example on how to breach using OTA dialect and proper commands.
- All the units are at the location of the breaching.
TL: "<:: STACK;; ::>"
The breacher, P1, and P2 all get into positions
TL: "<:: PREP;; ::>"
The units all raise their guns, ready to shoot
TL: "<:: INJECT;; ::>"
The breacher fires at the lock of the door and gets on the wall where he was.
P2 enters the room, gun raised, and goes to the left.
P1 follows P2 and when he enters, he goes to the right.
After both pointmen clear the room, they both say "<:: CLEANED;; ::>"
If another breach is needed, the breacher and TL would enter, and the process would begin again.
11. What are your Metropolice Force digits?
- 199.

12. How active are you as a community member in general?
- I get on the server whenever I can.

13. Do you plan to be a loyal player, and come back to the server often?
- Yes, I plan on being a loyal player and will come back on the server often.

14. Do you plan to flag up often when a Judgement Waiver is in effect?
- Yes, I would.


Name:  Charles Rother
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Status (Loyalist, Civil Worker's Union, or Citizen?): Citizen
Loyalist Points: 0

Mother's Full Name: Addie Rother

Father's Full Name: Adam Rother

Previous locations of residence before city seventeen:
- City 8, City 45, and City 11.

Character Backstory: Charles was born on February 14, 1990. His father was a working man and his mother was a stay at home mom. They all lived in the the state of Washington in America. Everything was fine until the seven hour war hit Earth. Charles and his father, separated from his mother, was relocated to City 45. They were assigned to a small apartment with a bed, couch, and a lamp. When the arrived, his father went strait to bed. Charles went to sit on the couch and ponder what will happen to them. For the next two weeks, all they did was go outside and walk or sit inside, waiting for rations. At the end of the two weeks, Charles father, out on a walk on his own, found a dying man in the alleyway. His father tried to help him, but that was only a mistake. When trying to help him, MPF saw this commotion and investigated. When they saw him trying to drag the man to safety, they thought he had killed the man. Charles father said that the man was dying and asked for help, when he looked back at the man, he was dead. The MPF told him to get on the wall and apply. They beat him unconscious and dragged him into the interrogation room. He said that he didn't kill the man but they didn't believe him. After about two days in jail, they let him go. He said why and the CP said that there was multiple witnesses stating that the man was trying to jump across rooftops and fell. Charles father returned home, sorely hurt from the beatings. When he arrived home, Charles open the door and helped him into bed. He asked what happened and the father said that it was a long story. After his father's recovery, he said that he got them two re-location tickets to City 8. They packed up the very few things they had and went to the
train station and waited for the train to City 8. The train ride was very long, but hey ended making the journey. Now they were in another small apartment with very few things is it, doing the same thing from the previous city. Now, they wanted to explore the city for a good bit. So then they wandered about the city, looking where the each place was. His father, cautious about other people now, wandered into the market. There, he bought food for him and Charles.  For along time, they enjoyed the city, but his father wasn't as willing as he used to be. Charles was looking for a job for the meantime while his father bought food and other items with the very little tokens he had. One day, while he was buying supplies, he saw a man motion to himself. As his father got close to him, the man stated that he could get things that he needed to survive for a much more cheaper cost. Charles father thought about it and agreed. Now, about 6 months later, his father was buying contraband things for a cheaper cost. This was the deal for quite some time. Charles was now in the CWU in City 8, working in the market. He was a fairly good worker and was rewarded for it. But at the time he got home, he saw that there was a recent resistance fight. He was really brought to this subject because his father was gone for quite some time now. when he read more of the story, he saw that there was some members that were caught, one of these members was his father. He was devastated, mortified, and even felt sick. For about a week, he didn't get on his shift. Then, a citizen came to his door and knocked. Charles opened the door and saw the woman. She handed him a package, saying it was from his father. she left without saying anything else. When he opened the package, it contained a re-location ticket and a letter. The letter said that if he got this message, his father was dead. If he wanted to live, he would re-locate himself to another city before something happened. He was very confused and unsure if this was real. He decided that he would go to City 11, and work there until he decided what he was going to do. He soon arrived at the city, ready to be registered into the CWU there. After he did that, he worked there at the food store for awhile before he moved to the general goods store. He worked and worked and worked for what it seemed to him, forever. He was promoted to manager. He ran the store for some time until he didn't want to work anymore. He was still hurt from his father dying. He retired from that job and looked for another job to do. He was reading the paper until the idea struck him, he was going to apply for the MPF. About three weeks after he applied,  he got a letter stating that he was accepted into the MPF. He went to the nexus there and became a RCT. He received basic training there and chose his division. Now, as a new UNION, he patrolled with another CP and wandered the main streets and the back streets. Time went by as he was promoted. He was also a very good fighter, able to take down people very quickly without shooting or killing anyone. His overseers saw this and wondered if it would be a good idea if they turned him into a OTA. They decided that it would be a good idea and asked him to come to their office. He agreed to become an OTA. They said that they don't need an OTA there, but they will ship them to other cities in the meantime. So now he is an OTA in stasis, being transfer to another city, that city would be City 17i.

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Re: Enclave096's OTA Application

Post by Enclave096 on Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:41 pm

Tell me if anything seems wrong. I will fix it if there is something wrong.
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Re: Enclave096's OTA Application

Post by Miraak on Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:53 pm

Maybe you should add just a bit more content to question 6.

Other than that, +SUPPORT
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Re: Enclave096's OTA Application

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