Kenny's Operator Application

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Kenny's Operator Application

Post by Kenny on Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:57 pm


Steam Name: [VG] Asuna

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:43645903

1. How old are you?


2. How long have you been playing on the server?

Ever since the first day.

3. Why do you want to be a staff member?

I want to be a staff member to take care of players, help in situations, and solve problems. A common problem I see is things going unsolved since the current staff is occupied with other things that with the help of me or another operator, could be solved. It would prevent players from constantly shouting in OOC for an admin if it could be taken care of quickly.

4. What factions are you currently whitelisted for?

I'm currently whitelisted for CA, Antlion, Bird, MPF, MPF: Off Duty, CWU, Enslaved/Normal Vortigaunt, Headcrab, Houndeye, Hunter, Overwatch Synthetic Arm, and Overwatch Transhuman Arm.

5. How well known are you on the server?

I guess you could say i'm relatively well known, being a previous admin on the server.

6. Do other players on the server like you?

In my personal opinion, I believe they do. People seem to enjoy roleplaying with me.

7. Have you ever been banned?

I have not been banned.

8. Have you ever been kicked?

I have not been kicked.

9. Have you ever been warned?

I have not been warned.

10. Why should we choose you as an operator?

I believe I should be chosen for operator because of my previous experience on the server, since then I have matured and gotten much more serious. I have helped people, participated in lots of roleplay, gained a much more serious attitude, and roleplayed enough to be able to help in situations that need to be helped in.

11. Have you helped anyone on the server yet?

As a previous admin, I have helped plenty of people.

12. Have you ever helped someone on the server? Give an example if so.

I could give an example of a situation on the City 45 version of the server when two MPF units were on a plaza patrol. A citizen picked up a gun found in slums, later found to be stolen from the armory of the rebels (which were overpowered at the time, due to me.) He then went into the plaza and shot the MPF units without any roleplay whatsoever and took their weapons. One of the units called me over and I refunded the items of the units then teleported the citizen to a roof where I told him how to properly roleplay firing at units. I then teleported him back down and the roleplay was redone, in which it went properly.

13. Why are you more mature than other players?

I'm more mature than other players because of my previous experience on the server. I have dealt with players before, kicked minges, dealt with minge-punching, and many other things. I'll admit, I have been immature in the past with some occasional anger issues which I have learned to control since then.

14. Are any of your characters important?

Characters are important? I could say so, I have a DvL MPF unit (C17.MPF.NOVA:DvL-670)
Some other characters that may or may not be important depending on your view of things could be Ashley 'Ash' Pierce, a rebel who "led" the rebellion for some time after the reign of Keliah 'Keli' Bulman, another one of my characters.

15. Are you active on the server?

I am active on the server between the hours of 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm (MST)

16. Will you be able to be active a lot?

I'm usually able to be on the server unless something in real life comes up, in which I will announce my absence before it happens. (if possible)

17. What do you do in this situation:

Two players are arguing in OOC, one is angry because the other stole his ration before he could get a chance to pick it up. You have no clue where the players are at the moment.

First off I would tell the players to stop arguing in OOC and to await me to come to them. I would use observer to go to a rooftop or enclosed location where I could have privacy. I would then teleport both the players in question to my location and calm them down. I could then ask what exactly happened to hear the situation before given any opinions. The obvious answer to this situation would be that the citizen would have to have done roleplay to steal the ration, and if none was done, I would simply bring them back to the location and have him roleplay it out. After that was done, I would again tell them to not argue in OOC and simply use @ chat to call a staff member and solve the problem quickly.

18. What do you do in this situation:

A citizen is mingepunching a civil protection officer, he isn't listening to what they explain to him in LOOC, and he continues.

I would do the same as before and go to a secluded location/rooftop. I would teleport the civil protection officer and the citizen, then use the freeze command to freeze the citizen. Asking the MPF unit what exactly happened, I would get his side of the story first and then the other player's side, if he was willing to speak. I would give him a brief lesson on the basics of roleplay, then unfreeze him and teleport him down along with the unit. If he continued to mingepunch, I would bring him up to the roof yet again and try to explain to him once more the basics and what to do instead of punching. As he wouldn't be listening, I would kick him from the server as he would be a minge at this point.

19. A citizen sneaks up on a unit while they were preoccupied, and hit the unit on the head with some sort of object. The unit is upset because the citizen did not roll. Who is right, and why?

The citizen would be correct, a roll not being needed since the attack was a "sneak-attack". The unit would not have expected it and not been able to dodge it whatsoever. The server is a default P2L server, not a roll server. If both sides had agreed to a roll it would have been in favor of the unit.

20. A group of citizen attacks an overwatch unit with no weapons whatsoever. The overwatch unit overpowers them and amputates all of them on the spot. The citizens are upset that they didn't have a chance to win, or that the overwatch unit didn't play to loose. Who is in the right and why?

The Overwatch unit would be completely correct in this situation. An OTA is an extremely augmented unit with no feelings whatsoever. Since the citizens had no weapons, there was no need for the overwatch unit to P2L, it was the citizens who were obligated to P2L in this situation.

21. A citizen climbs into the City Administrator's mail cute with the help of another citizen. They're both a bit bored, and feel like messing around. What do you do?

I would teleport them out of the mail chute and then explain to them that climbing into the mail chute is not allowed. I would say that if they are bored, they should leave or try some other type of roleplay.

22. What can you offer to our community?

I can offer a helping hand to the players who need help when other staff members are busy. I can also offer a small bit of fun here and there, yet I am not afraid of cracking down and administering punishment to the players, even if they are friends of mine.

23. Do you tend to mess around a lot in LOOC chat? This includes but is not limited to the following:

I do not do things like that.

24. Do you tend to do crazy things, and then void them right after?

As I have been taught, I do not lolvoid things ever. In my time as an admin, I told players NOT to lolvoid when they did so.

25. Do you get upset if you do not get your way?

If this question means losing in roleplay or having a character die, no. I have lost plenty of characters and been sad about it, since I feel somewhat attached to that character, but I don't go whining around about it. If it means the possibility of being denied something I want, I do not whine, I simply accept it.

26. Will you get angry if you do something wrong, and a higher staff member corrects you?

No, I do not believe I will. I will simply take the advice and use it to my advantage.

27. Why do you like the server? Why is it unique to you?

I like the server because it seems like a great community that I have been a part of for a VERY long time. Players are mature, the staff currently is mature, I have had a lot of fun roleplaying here. I would like to step up a little bit and use my skills to help others.
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Re: Kenny's Operator Application

Post by Golden-Spy on Sun Apr 06, 2014 4:24 pm

Grammar is good, Spelling is good, answers are good, even ig a few could have been better. I can vouch for the fact that you don't whine about a character is killed, or well. "raped" As such has happened, and you just took it and played through. You didn't complain... But you did kill your rapist.
I would also suggest that if you are hired you try to be careful how you word things, try being diplomatic. I do think you have my support.
You are correct that we are somewhat understaffed.


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Re: Kenny's Operator Application

Post by The_Wheatly on Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:44 pm

Just because you're my friend. No other reason. Other then you deserve it.

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Re: Kenny's Operator Application

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