Miraak's Introduction.

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Miraak's Introduction.

Post by Miraak on Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:38 pm

Hi. My name Is Miraak and...Oh fuck this. The place is dead anyway.

My name is Jude  and Im in the Eighth grade. Im a pretty average student, but I still have fun, despite my bad grades at times.
Anyway, I felt like at one point I needed to really tell this place who I was really was, and I guess now is the time. I also wrote this to tell anyone who finds these forums who Was not Part of Vortex the following message:
The server is no longer up. The community is disbanded. The owner feels he cannot handle the server anymore. If you came looking for a Half Life 2 RP, you came to the wrong place. This place used to be great. Friendly people, funny admins, cheerful owner, this place was great. Then there was the one issue that caused this server to go down the drain. If you really care about this server's history, do some digging in the forums. And if anyone is reading this and cares about what this place used to be, please reply to this post, and tell me.

Thanks for your time.
-Jude, Former loyal player.
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