Golden-Spy's Special story character... My only one. NON-REPRODUCTABLE

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Golden-Spy's Special story character... My only one. NON-REPRODUCTABLE

Post by Golden-Spy on Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:23 pm

[color=#FFFF00]This is my Special character, this is the location her back story will go for people who get confused. This storyline may NOT be copied. This will be the only special character. No other players may copy this line. You will understand why soon.

Character name: FIND OUT ICLY.
AGE: 16, Born 2002, after combine arrive, <- You will understand how this is possible soon,
** will stand for her/ his name. Because this Is IC info.
Back-story: During the years of 2000-mid2002, Jocob Krew, a resistance scientist, try to figure out a way to get his wife pregnant, and to deflect the suppression field, many failure followed his research, but eventually he discovered a way to deflect the field using a special scrambler, it would scramble the radioactive materials given off to destroy the key proteins  in conception, once he completed his work, his wife, Jane Krew Conceived child. A single fetus, began developing.
           After nine months, the child was born, A baby **. After birth the rebel community welcomed **. Three months after this point the combine found their  hideout, ** mother, took ** to a safe location, as the combine slaughtered ** community. ** and her mother were the only survivors.
         Years pass, as ** grew older and understood what was happening around ** and her mother would travel avoiding combine patrols and other dangers. Unfortunately, when ** was 15 ** mother and **self, found themselves face to face with a group of MpF units, **'s mother beckoned her ** to leave, doing so and hiding form sight, ** watched in horror as her mother was taken in, under suspicion... ** never saw her mother again...
         After a year passed, ** found herself in C-17. Entering from the train tracks, after walking for miles, Very hungry, and only a false CID to protect ** from amputation, ** started her journey into this new unknown city, hoping for any food and friendship ** can could find.
Now you see why it's a story-line character... Normally impossible, only one scientist has countered the suppression field only to have his research destroyed, and his life ruined. Please do not copy my work. This kind of story should be VERY rare. Thank you for reading... If you were directed here by myself, it is because you questioned the canon of my characters age. Well now you understand. Please enjoy the server.

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