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Half Life 2 : Roleplay
‌• Physgun, toolgun, and prop spawning.
      This perk gives you access to 'pet' flags. These flags give you the abilities to spawn props,
      equip a physgun, and have toolgun access. This can be useful for furnishing your home.
       - Price:  $5.00 USD - One Time Payment
‌• Bird Whitelist
    This perk allows you to play as a bird. While birds cannot currently fly, they are
    able to run around, peck, and flap their wings. They can also become pets, if
    undetected by Civil Protection. This is certainly a must have for any whitelist collector!
    - Price:  $5.00 USD - One Time Payment
• Houndeye Whitelist
   Houndeyes are three-legged creatures that come from the border world of Xen.
   They are usually seen in necrotic-infested areas, but have been known to get
   frisky and wander out into the city.
   - Price: $5.00 USD - One Time Payment
Headcrab Whitelist
   This perk allows you to play as a headcrab, the classic crab-like creature
   featured in the half-life games. Known for it's infamous appearances
   in necrotic-infested areas
   - Price:  $5.00 USD - One Time Payment
Necrotic Whitelist
   This perk allows you to play as a necrotic, also known as a zombie.
   Featured in Half-Life 2, they are the decaying bodies of humans being
   host to a deadly parasite, the headcrab. This faction gives you access to
   the classic zombie, fast zombie, and poison zombie.
   - Price:  $5.00 USD - One Time Payment
Antlion Whitelist
   This perk allows you to play as an Antlion, the large ant-like creatures
    featured in Half-Life 2. These creatures are known to burrow into the ground,
    creating enormous colonies and nests. They sometimes wander into the city
     if the perimeters are breached.
   - Price:  $10.00 USD - One Time Payment
Pardoned Anti-Citizen Whitelist
    Pardoned anti-citizens are criminals that are allowed to live among the
    other citizens, due to reasons such as being a former loyalist, et cetera.
   They sport an orange jumpsuit, and anti-citizen digits. Ex: [AC-243] Johnny Saleno
   - Price: $10.00 USD - One Time Payment
Permanent Apartment
  This perk will allow you to own a personal apartment in the city. With this perk,
   rejoining the server will still allow you access to the apartment. This works well if you have
   the 'pet' flag perk, as your furniture can be saved into your apartment. This perk costs $10
  to start out, an an additional $10 every three months. Non recurring, of course.
   - Price:  $10.00 USD Every Three Months (Non Recurring)

Note: None of the perks stack. Each bullet indicates a seperate purchase. For example, if you donated $5, you would be able to choose from either Bird, Houndeye, PET Flags, etc. You would not be able to get all three of them for that price.

READ: By donating you agree that if you abuse, minge, or do not properly roleplay your donation perks they may be taken away.
If you are innocently un-skilled on how to roleplay for certain factions, training is availible and free once your purchase those factions.

READ: Sheeplie is the ONLY person who can accept your donations. Anyone else is trying to scam or mislead you.

Terms of Service: All donations are 100% non refundable, and are for in-game perks, not real-life merchandise. In the event that you abuse your perks in any way seen to be unfit by the staff members, your perks may be taken away. You are not allowed to use your plugins to break any rules. If you are banned then your donation will NOT be refunded.

By donating you agree to our terms of service.

To recieve your perks, after donating contact Sheeplie in-game or on steam at the following URL: