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Post by Sheeplie on Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:09 pm

most likely you're one of the forum crawlers who comes back to this dusty place every blue moon to relive some memories. You'll probably be reading this months after I even make the post. It might be a while, but I know that time will come around any way.

This thread isn't really anything organized, I'll probably sound like an idiot going on about this topic- but here's why I go "blaugh" at HL2RP.

Let's look at issue #1: "HL2RP is Dead"
Many people say this, they have been for a pretty long time- and although it can be true sometimes, many servers are still up and running, but very few of them have players. What's to be expected when you're running this server on a game designed for 10 year olds to jump around and play music on? I mean, Garry's Mod is a pretty zany game, so there's few serious people on it.

But, I can deal with that. I used to not be able to, leading me to make cringe-worthy attempts to gain players. Now, I'd say the best roleplay I've had was on a 3 player'd Aphelion, or that CombineControl server I had up over Christmas, it was basically just me, Kenny,, and Darth- but it was fun because we actually got a chance to- how do I explain this? We actually got a chance to act like free-willed Metrocops with personalities, adding in a touch of dark humor. There's no real way to explain it, maybe I'll make a thread about it one day. I can only dream that most players would understand this.

Now, just to clarify, I'm not trying to be an elitist here. I'm not one of those cringe-worthy black hat kids from cloudsixteen that call everybody else 'autistic'- no,
I'd say to get a better idea of what I'm talking about, keep reading.

Back to what I was on about just a second ago, having the best roleplaying experience on a server with just a small amount of people. You know how much roleplay I usually get on a populated server? None.

That leads us into another huge problem: Self-Entitlement
The script has everything you need in it to roleplay. I could go on a server and roleplay without having to call an admin unless someone broke an actual rule. It seems like people are either calling or PM'ing the admins every 5 seconds. We don't have time to hear you act professional so that you can propose some kind of edgy russian rebel organization that you need special permissions for, we're too busy trying to deal with 10 other requests in @.
This leads into another reason I go "blaugh" at HL2RP

Wasting the Staff Team's Time
People have problems, we get that, and we're happy to help, but we're really not here to sit with you for 30 minutes while you argue with another guy about a death or something and nobody can seem to get their story straight. Usually whoever doesn't get their way ends up calling your server 'autistic' and leaving, while the other party just gets a swelled head. I coined a term: theorygaming.
Let's say, for example, some guy is going on about how is entire character death was invalid because the other guy's bullet should have been offset by the wind. That's theorygaming. Maybe someone says that their character stepped out onto an imaginary ledge because the texture for that building had a concrete area that looked like a ledge. That's theorygaming. Things should never be so complicated, this isn't life- it's just a roleplaying game for nerds.

That leads into what could be one of the most important problems with this gamemode, I call it:
"The >: ) Personality"

Like I said, this is just a roleplaying game for nerds. So it gets really retarded to see stuff like:

"watch out sheep >: )"

"how's the server sheep.. feel any.. lag? >: )"


"remember what happened to c16 when they banned ignog for their reputation, keep that in mind"

It's pretty retarded to see this from people who then go on to show themselves as mature and innocent to the general public, I used to be quite like that myself, but then I realized, that this was- I cannot repeat this enough times-

Like, seriously. Get all your drama through in-character stuff.

Okay, so onto one more thing.
Nobody really wants to roleplay. They want to progress.

Nobody wants to come on and just roleplay, even as a citizen, they're not in it for the experience, they're in it to wait around until they get accepted for metrocop. And then it's on to getting ranks, then "getting admin".

Really, I mean- servers should and shouldn't have metrocop ranks.
It doesn't really matter, what does matter is the fact that if you wanted to take
them away, most people would leave because, again, they're not here to roleplay.

Just to progress.
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