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[PAC3 Rules]

Post by Sheeplie on Fri May 09, 2014 11:23 pm

B‌efore or after purchasing our 'pac3' perk, various rules and guidelines need to be taken into consideration. These rules are not meant to restrict you in any way, but rather to increase the realism and experience for both yourself and other players alike. These rules are subject to changes and updates at any time, so be sure to check back every so often.

• You are not allowed to 'buff' your character. This means editing your model's size in any way.

‌• You are not allowed to 'asspull' serious items for your character. There is no professional way to say it.
Small or cosmetic items, knife, backpack, pipe, etc are fine, but having "IC weapons" through the use of PAC3 is not allowed.

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌• You are not allowed to add effects or text screens to your character, even if it is an armband.

‌• We do not encourage adding random contraptions to your character, unless it's a device you've manufactured in-character.
If you do manage to create a wearable device, please keep the size to a minimum. Shoulder mounts and other items of the sort are fine, but we suggest not wearing them 24/7.

‌• The only time you may edit the skin of a weapon is in the case of  your MP7, if you own one. You may change it to the HL2TS2 MP7 skin if you already know how to do so.

‌• Do not use pac3 to obtain items you have not yet unlocked for your current rank. Ex: RPG, etc.

‌‌• Try not to submerge your character in items. If you overdo your outfit, it just looks.. bad.

‌• As a unit, do not use pac3 to obtain viscerators, also known as manhacks. They will be given out to you in the form of a wearable item when you reach the proper rank.

• As a unit, you are not allowed to use pac3 to change your helmet or mask.

‌• As a unit, trenchcoats are fine if you're a court unit. Otherwise, wait until Tier 2 before using a trenchcoat.

‌• Do not use pac3 to change your bodygroups.
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